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my mito pro 750 review in my health and wellness clinic
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If you’re wondering if Mito Red Light is a quality brand, you’ve come to the right place. As an award-winning healthcare professional dedicated to finding the most effective solutions, I’ve seen firsthand the power of the Mito Pro 750 red light panel to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing. But the Mito Pro X 750 goes even further, revitalizing skin, smoothing wrinkles, and even promoting deeper, more restful sleep. In my review, I’ll share my in-depth experience with the Mito Pro X 750, exploring its science-backed benefits, ease of use, and real-world results. Whether you’re a fellow health enthusiast, a skincare fanatic, or simply someone seeking natural, effective solutions for pain, aging, or sleep, this review will shed light on a game-changing device that just might transform your life, too.

Key TakeAway Mito Pro X 750 Review

When it comes to optimizing your health, the Mito Red Light Pro X 750 is a game-changer. I have it in my clinic and consistently use it on myself and my clients. I’ve seen first hand how well it works for reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling – in most cases that treatment.

The Mito Pro X 750 offers amazing benefits, the strongest to cost ratio red light panel, incredibly easy to use, worth it in my opinion.

So whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance muscle recovery and performance, a skincare enthusiast aiming to boost collagen production and reduce signs of aging, or a someone with a health condition like arthritis or fibromyalgia, this device has you covered.

The Pro X 750 addresses common pain points such as muscle fatigue, skin conditions, and sleep disturbances by delivering powerful red and near-infrared light therapy.

I love the  intuitive touchscreen interface and advanced dual-chip technology, the Pro X 750 stands out as a top-tier solution in the red light therapy market.

The 750x offers an amazing 6 red light and near infrared light wave lengths which means get all the benefits of red light therapy and you don’t have to sacrifice like you would with a poorer quality red light device.

I love my device, I use it, and I suggest it to all my clients wanting to get the same treatment that I’m paid thousands of dollars for at a fraction of the price.

You can get the best price for Mito 750 X by using the discount code “synctherapy” or clicking the link below. 

What is Mito Red Light Therapy?

the mito pro 750x review

Mito Red Light is one of the best quality red light therapy companies on the market today.

Mito red light has many devices and specialty products are designed to offer a range of health benefits, including enhanced muscle recovery, improved skin health by reducing wrinkles and fine lines, reduced oxidation and inflammation and accelerated wound healing.

Through the use of LED chips, these devices emit red light at specific wavelengths, notably six carefully selected and mindfully apportioned peak LED wavelengths 590nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm and 850nm. These wavelengths target deep into the body’s tissues.

The technology behind these devices focuses on delivering a powerful light output without causing heat damage to the skin.

Equipped with a pulley system, mito red light panels can be adjusted to treat both the upper body and lower body in both vertical and horizontal positions.

This flexibility allows for a more targeted therapy session.

What I like about the Mito Red light company is that you can get trial these devices risk-free for up to 60 days without worrying about paying a restocking fee if you choose to return the product.

I don’t think you would return since they are incredibly powerful and there is a reason that they have almost a 5 star review on all of their products with some Mito red light panel reviews having over 730+ reviews.

It’s hard to find a better company that offers products like this.

the mito pro 1500 review in the united states

What is the MitoPRO X Series?

The MitoPRO X Series is the improved and updated series on their already proven Mito Pro+ platform, this is the pinnacle in the evolution of red light therapy technology from Mito.

The MitoPRO X Series is still designed to improve Cytochrome C Oxidase activity, which is crucial for cellular energy production.

The addition of the 590nm wavelength is particularly noted for its potential benefits in skin health and inflammation reduction.

The Mito ProX series offers therapeutic grade red light panels you can use at home. These red light machines should cost thousands of dollars but are a fraction of the cost.

What sets the MitoPRO X Series apart is its comprehensive approach to red light therapy, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features.

These panels are crafted to deliver optimal doses of red and near-infrared light, making them suitable for both novice and experienced users seeking to harness the full spectrum of light therapy benefits.

How Does It Work?

Red light therapy works by emitting wavelengths of red light that penetrate the skin to stimulate cellular activity. This process, known as photobiomodulation, encourages cells to produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is energy that cells use to function efficiently.

Increased ATP production can lead to faster cell regeneration, muscle repair, and reduced inflammation, contributing to the overall health benefits of red light therapy.

The devices in the MitoPRO X Series are designed to maximize the effectiveness of this therapy by using LEDs that emit light at specific, beneficial wavelengths.

By strategically targeting the skin and body tissues with these wavelengths, the panels promote natural healing processes without the need for invasive procedures or medications.

Understanding The Wave Lengths With The Mito Pro X Series

The Mito Pro X Series differentiates itself from other red light therapy options through its use of 6 specific wavelengths, 590nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm and 850nm.

The combination of red and NIR wavelengths in the MitoPRO X series aims to provide a comprehensive range of benefits by targeting different tissue depths and biological processes.

The inclusion of the 590nm wavelength further expands the potential applications, particularly for skin health. The dual-chip LED design allows the entire panel to emit only red wavelengths, only NIR wavelengths, or a combination

The MitoPRO X series from Mito Red Light incorporates six different wavelengths of light – 590nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm. Here’s a breakdown of what each wavelength is and its potential benefits based on the information provided:

590nm Wavelength

  • This is an amber/yellow light wavelength that is a new addition to the MitoPRO X series.
  • Research suggests it may help with skin health by improving skin tone, reducing signs of aging like wrinkles, and potentially benefiting inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema.
  • It stimulates nitric oxide release, which can aid in blood vessel dilation and blood flow.

630nm and 660nm Wavelengths

  • These are in the red light spectrum.
  • 630nm has been shown to benefit hair/scalp health, exercise performance, muscle recovery, skin health, and oral health.
  • 660nm can penetrate deeper into tissues and may help with reducing inflammation, pain relief, and enhancing muscle recovery and joint health.

810nm, 830nm, and 850nm Wavelengths

  • These are near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths.
  • 810nm and 830nm can penetrate deep into tissues, potentially aiding muscle recovery, joint health, bone health, and treating sports injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • 850nm is a very well-studied NIR wavelength for benefits like reducing inflammation and pain.

The MitoPRO X uses dual-chip LED lenses, allowing each lens to emit a precise combination of red and NIR wavelengths for optimized delivery and coverage across the therapeutic spectra. The approximate energy distribution is:

  • 590nm: 6%
  • 630nm: 22%
  • 660nm: 22%
  • 810nm: 17%
  • 830nm: 17%
  • 850nm: 17%

Mito Red MitoPRO X 750 Review Summary

my mito pro 750 review in my health and wellness clinic

The MitoPRO X 750 is my favourite red light panel I’ve tested and used for myself and my clients. I’ve seen real life reductions in pain, inflammation, and swelling.

I’ve seen swelling dramatically drop in just one session, allowing my client to move their knee easier, without grinding, and much less tension. I’ve used it personally for my back and shoulder pain with more amazing results.

What I’ve noticed with using the MitoPRO x 750 or what i’ve found reviewing the Mito Pro Panel before getting it

  • Real world results in pain reduction, swelling, and inflammation
  • Strongest at home red light panel
  • Best bang for you buck with power to cost ratio
  • Incredibly easy to use – so easy my dad can use it (that’s saying something)
  • Feels sturdy and high quality
  • I like the timer and one button start feature
  • Has the 6 wavelengths while other panels have just two wave lengths
  • It has an APP that’s easy to set up
  • Pretty affordable for everthing you get
  • Lots of different mounting options

I absolutely love takling about the Mito Pro 750 with my clients who want to get the same results when they come and see me in the clinic.

I have won awards for best massage therapy clinic and best rehab clinic for 2 years in a row being a solo practitioner in a city of over 450K and Mito red light will be helping me continue that.


The MitoPRO X 750 panel offers significant advantages, including a 60-degree beam angle that ensures maximum coverage and penetration of red light for optimal health benefits.

Its design features a two-year warranty, providing users with confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

The panel supports ATP production, which is vital for cellular energy and health, making it an effective solution for various physical wellness needs.

Another standout feature is the risk-free trial, allowing users to experience the benefits of red light therapy without the commitment.

This demonstrates the brand’s confidence in their product and its ability to deliver on the promised health benefits, making it an attractive option for first-time users and seasoned veterans of light therapy alike.


While the MitoPRO X 750 offers numerous benefits and there aren’t too many cons or disadvantages that I’ve found in my Mito Pro Review.

One thing I’d like to see is a built in stand to the device. I’d find that quite beneficial and make it safer to use than just having it balance on the bottom.

Another consideration is the initial learning curve associated with optimizing the use of the panel for specific health goals. While the device is designed to be user-friendly, some users may need time to familiarize themselves with the best practices for using the wavelengths of red light effectively.

These cons are minor when compared to the substantial health benefits the panel can provide.

Mito Red MitoPRO X 750 Full Review: An Amazing Panel At Excellent Value

The Mito Red MitoPRO X 750 stands out as an exceptional choice for anyone seeking the therapeutic benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy.

This panel facilitates a range of benefits, from collagen production to improved skin health, making it a versatile tool for personal wellness.

The panel’s design includes a control panel, easy-to-insert power cable, and protective goggles, ensuring safety and ease of use.

Its modular design allows for compatibility with other panel sizes, making it possible to create a full-body panel setup similar to an infrared sauna.

Standing 42 inches tall and weighing 25 pounds, the panel is both substantial and practical, providing excellent bang for your buck.

With the inclusion of near-infrared light at 810 nm, it offers bioactive wavelengths conducive to deep tissue healing and skin rejuvenation.

me holding the mito red light panel in my review of the red light company

Why I Choose The Mito Pro X 750 Model

I choose the Mito Pro x 750 from reading and watching other reviews on the Mito Pro red light panels.

A few of the main reasons I got it are from the 6 red light and near infrared light wave lengths, its one of the strongest red light panels on the market, the before and after photos using Mito, and how science based they are.

The MitoPRO 750 model stands out for its combination of 150 LEDs emitting bioactive wavelengths, making it an affordable red light therapy device that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The mobile app integration and user friendliness for personalized treatment sessions, which was a significant factor in my decision.

The 750 model’s ability to offer effective therapy at a more accessible price point made it the clear choice for me.

The MitoPRO 750’s design and features cater to both beginners and experienced users, offering a balance of simplicity and advanced functionality.

Its affordability, coupled with the quality of light therapy it provides, positions the MitoPRO 750 as a leading option among red light therapy devices on the market.

I love that Mito Red Light is available on the Commerical side with their specific line from PRO RLT and that I could test it out before I made the investment for work.

Quality Of Products

The Mito Red Light offerings, particularly the MitoPRO X 750, are characterized by their high manufacturing standards and quality of components.

This dedication to quality ensures that users receive a product that is not only effective in delivering the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy but also durable and reliable over time.

The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in the construction and performance of their panels, which have garnered positive feedback from users for their effectiveness and longevity.

Quality extends beyond the physical product to include customer service and support, ensuring that users have a positive experience from purchase through to ongoing use.

This holistic approach to quality makes Mito Red Light a trusted brand in the field of red light therapy.

Mito has lots of quality products whether it’s the Flexible red light belt for back pain, the portable red light devices, a red light helmet for regrowth, or even the commercial red light beds availabe – they stand behind all of their products.

60-Day Return Policy With No Restocking Fee

Mito Red Light’s 60-day trial period for their products, including the MitoPRO X 750, exemplifies their confidence in the effectiveness of their devices and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

This policy allows users to experience the benefits of red light therapy firsthand, with the option to return the product if it does not meet their expectations, without the burden of paying a restocking fee.

This risk-free trial underscores the company’s dedication to providing value and trust to their customers, making it easier for individuals to try red light therapy and experience its health benefits without financial risk.

It’s a testament to the brand’s focus on user satisfaction and product quality.

What I Didn’t Expect With The Mito Pro 750

The MitoPRO 750 model exceeded my expectations in several ways, particularly with its ease of use and the immediate impact it had on my wellness routine.

The integration of a mobile app for personalized treatment sessions added a level of convenience and customization I hadn’t anticipated.

This feature, along with the Pro750x’s clear instructions and user-friendly design, made incorporating red light therapy into my daily life seamlessly.

The effectiveness of the MitoPRO 750 in delivering bioactive wavelengths through its 150 LEDs was another pleasant surprise.

Its affordability, in comparison to other red light therapy devices, did not detract from its performance, making it an excellent value for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness through red light therapy.

How Easy The MitoPro 750 Is To Use

me showing the display on the mito 750 and how to use it

I’ve reviewed many different red light therapy panels and I got accustomed to how most of them operate. Most of them have a few buttons that you can click that’s not super user friendly but you can figure it out.

With the Mito Pro, it’s pretty much a 1 button set up and I’m good. It turns on with a 20 minute timer incase I forget how long it’s been on and I know exactly what wavelengths are beign used.

I could use the Mito App as well but I prefer just turning it on and going.

The MitoPRO 750 model is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a straightforward setup process and easy-to-follow instructions.

Its mobile app integration further simplifies the experience, allowing users to customize treatments to their specific needs directly from their smartphones.

This ease of use encourages regular use, which is key to achieving the best results from red light therapy.

The device’s intuitive design ensures that even those new to red light therapy can start their sessions without hassle, making it accessible to a broad audience.

The simplicity of the MitoPRO 750’s operation removes barriers to entry for those interested in exploring the benefits of red light therapy for the first time.

How Well It Works

This one took me by surpised to be honest. I was having back pain after moving and cleaning a lot of things quickly and it was quite uncomfortable along my spine.

I set up the Mito Pro for 20 minutes and an hour later, I wasn’t thinking about my back.

When I paired the Mito red light panel with laying on my stomach, I couldn’t notice any pain any more. I really light using red light therapy for gut health. It’s a hidden bonus most people don’t use.

my client showing reduction in her wrinkles after using mito red light

The power of the MitoPRO 750 in delivering targeted red and near-infrared light therapy is impressive.

Other users have reported noticeable improvements in skin health, muscle recovery, and overall well-being after incorporating the device into their wellness routines.

Its ability to emit bioactive wavelengths efficiently promotes cellular health and function, leading to tangible health benefits.

The positive feedback from users about the MitoPRO 750’s performance validates its effectiveness as a therapeutic tool.

Its impact on improving various health conditions demonstrates the potential of red light therapy as a non-invasive treatment option for a wide range of ailments.

Before and After Results Of Mito Red Light Therapy In My Clinic

Mito Red Light Devices have shown promising before and after results in my clinic, particularly in inflammation and swelling.

examples pictures of using the mito pro 300 before and after

Customers have also reported significant improvements in skin texture, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhanced skin complexion.

We know that clinical trials have demonstrated that red light therapy can increase collagen density and reduce skin roughness, leading to a more youthful appearance.

We also know that red light therapy is effect for pain with arthritis.

This makes the Mito PRO x series versatile.

You can use it generally for younger and healthier looking skin but also grab it if you hurt your knee or back. This would save you time, energy, and money.

amazing youthful appearance after using the mito red light therapy panel

my client using the mito pro 1500 before and after examples of her skin

showing the before and after photos for mito pro 1500

my before and after photos of the mito pro 750x

What You Can Expect With The Mito Pro X Series

The Mito Pro X Series, even the MitoADAPT series and the MitoPRO+ series, offers a comprehensive approach to red light therapy.

Users can expect a range of health benefits, including improved skin health, enhanced muscle recovery, and reduced inflammation.

The series is designed to cater to the diverse needs of users, providing options that suit different preferences and treatment requirements.

By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly features, the Mito Pro X Series stands out as a leading choice for individuals looking to harness the therapeutic potential of red and near-infrared light.

Its versatility and effectiveness make it a valuable addition to any health and wellness regimen.

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

One of the key benefits of using the Mito Pro X 750 series is its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. This is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic conditions, such as arthritis, where pain management is a constant struggle. Red light therapy can help Fibromyalgia as well.

The red and near-infrared light wavelengths penetrate the skin, reaching deep into tissues, muscles, and even bones, to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

The therapy promotes the body’s natural healing processes, speeding up recovery from injuries or physical exertion.

Many customers report a significant reduction in discomfort and an improvement in their overall quality of life after consistent use. This makes the Mito Pro X 750 an essential tool for anyone looking to manage pain and inflammation effectively.

Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging

The Mito Pro X 750 is also celebrated for its skin rejuvenation and anti-aging effects. The light therapy works by stimulating collagen production, a vital protein responsible for the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

This results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. Red light therapy helps in healing scars, wounds, and other skin issues, enhancing the overall skin texture and tone.

Users often notice a clearer, brighter complexion with a noticeable glow after regular treatments.

The non-invasive nature of red light therapy makes it a safe and attractive option for those looking to enhance their skin’s appearance without harsh chemicals or surgical procedures.

Repairing Muscles and Improving Exercise Performance

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the Mito Pro X 750 offers significant benefits in terms of muscle recovery and exercise performance.

The light therapy aids in repairing muscle tissues that have been damaged during intense workouts, reducing recovery time and allowing for more frequent training sessions.

This means you can use red light therapy for your tendonitis in your elbows, knees, or shoulders.

This accelerates progress towards fitness goals, whether it’s building muscle, increasing strength, or improving endurance.

The increased circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles enhance performance, giving users an edge in their training routines.

Many customers increased energy levels and a greater capacity for physical activity, making the Mito Pro X 750 a valuable addition to any athlete’s recovery regimen.

Boosting Mood and Brain Health

Aside from its physical health benefits, the Mito Pro X 750 series is known to have a positive impact on mental well-being. Exposure to red and near-infrared light has been linked to improved mood and cognitive function, thanks to its ability to increase blood flow to the brain.

This can lead to enhanced focus, memory, and overall mental clarity, making it a useful tool for anyone looking to boost their cognitive performance.

Red light therapy can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, providing a sense of calm and relaxation.

You’ll probably experience better sleep patterns and increased energy levels, contributing to a more positive and balanced mental state. This underscores the holistic benefits of the Mito Pro X 750, addressing both physical and mental health needs.

Other Mito Red Light Therapy Panels I Suggest

MitoPro 1500

The MitoPRO 1500 is a top rated red light therapy panel that stands out for its powerful performance and user-friendly design, making it ideal for home use. It features four bioactive wavelengths (630 nm, 660 nm, 830 nm, and 850 nm) that provide comprehensive therapeutic benefits, including improved skin health, muscle recovery, and sleep quality.

The panel is large enough to cover significant portions of the body, ensuring efficient treatment sessions.

It boasts low EMF levels, no hotspots, and a modular design that allows for easy expansion and customization.

It still comes with convenient accessories like a pulley system and eye protection, making setup and use straightforward.

Despite its size and weight, the MitoPRO 1500 offers exceptional value and flexibility, making it a highly recommended choice for those seeking effective red light therapy at home for the most powerful effects available on the market.

MitoPro 300

The MitoPRO 300 is Mito Red Light’s most popular and affordable panel, making it an excellent choice for home use. This compact tabletop device measures 11 x 11 x 3 inches and weighs 7 pounds, so it’s very portable and can be easily moved around the house.

The MitoPRO 300 features 60 LEDs that emit four therapeutic wavelengths – 630nm and 660nm in the red light spectrum, as well as 830nm and 850nm in the near-infrared range. This combination of red and near-infrared light provides comprehensive benefits for skin health, pain relief, muscle recovery, and more.

With an impressive peak irradiance of over 130mW/cm2 at 6 inches, the MitoPRO 300 delivers potent light energy while still being safe for home use. The LEDs are evenly distributed across the panel for consistent coverage.

One standout feature is the modular design that allows you to connect multiple MitoPRO panels together to increase the treatment area. The panel also comes with a sturdy tabletop stand for easy positioning.

While not as powerful as Mito’s larger MitoPRO models, the 300 is an excellent value, providing professional-grade red light therapy at an affordable price point of $349.

Mito Red Light Therapy Laser/LED Helmet (Hair)

The Mito Red Light Therapy Laser/LED Helmet is voted the best helmet on the market for hair regrowth and preventing hair loss in both men and women.

It features a modern, comfortable design and utilizes 56 lasers and LEDs (30 LED diodes and 26 laser diodes) to provide wide coverage of the scalp. You just need to use it every other day for 25 minutes. The combination of laser and LED technology targets hair follicles to stimulate growth and improve hair health, making it a powerful solution for those experiencing hair thinning or loss

Final Thoughts On My Mito Pro 750 X Review

The Mito Pro X 750 emerges as a highly effective tool in the realm of red light therapy, boasting a powerful output that lives up to its claims.

Equipped with 150 LEDs that emit light at multiple wavelengths, 590nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm and 850nm, this Mito red light panel ensures that light energy is evenly spread across the targeted area.

This feature is crucial for optimizing the benefits of red light therapy, including alleviating sore muscles and enhancing skin health.

The panel’s design, incorporating dual-chip LEDs, allows for a more efficient delivery of NIR light, which is essential for deep tissue therapy.

The Mito Pro X 750, akin to its sibling, the award-winning Mito Pro 1500, follows through with low EMF emissions, safeguarding users from potential harm.

This aspect, combined with the device’s ease of use—requiring sessions of just 5 to 20 minutes—makes it a standout choice for those seeking the therapeutic advantages of red and NIR light.

The commitment of Mito Red Light devices, including both the MitoADAPT and MitoPRO series, to quality and user safety, reinforces their position as leaders in the field of red light therapy.

The MitoPRO 1500 panel, with its extended features, further exemplifies this dedication, offering enhanced benefits at specific wavelengths such as 590nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm and 850nm, ensuring that users receive a comprehensive and effective therapy session each time.

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