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We provide Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy, and Holistic Nutrition in Victoria, BC

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Courtney Patton
Courtney Patton
03:20 28 Sep 19
I highly recommend Sync Therapy to anyone looking for athletic therapy, massage therapy, and for nutrition. Daryl is very knowledgeable and thorough. He researched my conditions prior to my appointment and wasted no time with providing solutions. I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even after my first session.read more
Jessica Kirkwood
Jessica Kirkwood
19:37 14 Sep 19
I have been to Daryl twice now and both visits left feeling so much better with long lasting effects as well. You don’t go to Daryl for a spa treatment massage you go to Daryl because he has an amazing understanding of the human body and can help you in healing. I have been having digestive issues and he helped tremendously. He asks all the right questions so he can address your specific situation. I’m sure he would do a spa type massage if that’s what you wanted but I highly recommend going to Daryl with any physical problems you may have. Stomach/Digestive. Headaches. Musculature. Joint. I believe he also does physio type treatment as well. Just ask.read more
Gina Hill
Gina Hill
23:11 12 Sep 19
Professional, approachable, knowledgeable, dependable and super friendly! Daryl has been the best addition to my self care routine I could have asked for. Originally I approached him for nutrition advice, the knowledge that he gave me was tailored to suit my needs, he never put me down when asking questions, and he provided me with the tools to make smart choices. His approach was super refreshing, even meeting me at Whole Foods to read labels/gather information and he made me excited to make positive changes in my diet. After being so thrilled with his nutritional advice, I couldn't help book him for a message session. He focused on my problem areas, made me feel really comfortable and equipment me with valuable stretches, information, and referrals. I will be booking him again, without hesitation. I am so happy I made the choice to invest in myself by booking with Sync Therapy! Please don't hesitate to contact to Daryl for any of his services, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!read more
Julia Cole
Julia Cole
20:19 12 Sep 19
Daryl is a holistic healer that has helped me immensely. Best therapist I've ever seen.
Kazuhiro Takeuchi
Kazuhiro Takeuchi
21:29 06 Sep 19
Daryl is great at what he does. I have been to a few RMTs in Victoria and I find him to be the best so far. Daryl has a background in sports injury so that really makes a difference in the service he provides. I came to him with a shoulder/rotator cuff injury and he not only helped relieve the pain in the area, he also recommended exercises and stretches to prevent further injury and strengthen the shoulder stabilizing muscles. Highly recommended, especially if you have sports related injuries.read more
Carl Cachia
Carl Cachia
03:48 28 Jul 19
Daryl is amazing!He blends his knowledge of nutrition, athletic therapy and massage therapy to provide you with a holistic approach. As a fellow clinician, I was impressed with Daryl's enthusiasm to help patients.I recommend Sync Therapy highly!read more
Holly Craig
Holly Craig
02:37 11 Jun 19
Sync Therapy is amazing! I went for my initial assessment on Friday and was blown away by Daryl's compassion and the depth of his knowledge. He genuinely cares about making his clients feel better and goes above and beyond. I am already feeling the benefits and look forward to continuing to work with him. Thank you Daryl!!read more
Jesse Rach-Sharpe
Jesse Rach-Sharpe
21:09 07 Jun 19
Daryl is so supportive and so knowledgeable. I went to see him for Athletic Therapy, to help me train and prevent injury in preparation for a very physically demanding trip upcoming and he has been an amazing help getting me there. His approach is so natural and organic, I walked out of the initial assessment feeling like I had already accomplished something, and I was motivated and felt ready. I went home and told my partner that I had the best experience with a health care practitioner of my life. I highly highly recommend Daryl for a supportive, non judgemental approach to better yourself, physically and mentally. Thank you Daryl!read more
Christopher Keays
Christopher Keays
18:35 03 Jun 19
Courteous and capable staff. Gentle but effective treatment and physiotherapy
Sonu Bachra
Sonu Bachra
16:03 15 May 19
Super knowledgable! Always has positive answers/resolutions to my questions about Gut Health. Keep up the fantastic work D!read more
Kelly Hamilton
Kelly Hamilton
05:09 27 Nov 18
Daryl is such a wealth of information.. he goes above and beyond every time I see him, and is so easy to talk to and non-judgemental! He does a super solid job at looking at the big picture and understands how interconnected the body's systems are. I for sure would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone. Plus, a super accommodating schedule makes it easy to get in when you actually need it most ??read more
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About Us

An integrative clinic that offers Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy, and Holistic Nutrition in Victoria, BC.  We aim to make a difference in people’s lives by educating and empowering others to live healthier so they can lead a life with unlimited potential.

Delivering professional care that we would want for ourselves

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive care and education that empowers our clients to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We take pride in developing treatments that are specifically tailored to each of our clients.

We strive to deliver a next level of care that we would want for ourselves and our families.

Born and raised in Victoria, Daryl uses his wealth of knowledge to teach his clients about injuries and how to improve their bodies through exercise, lifestyle, and food  

Services We Offer

Are you looking for a massage, fix an injury or health concern, or want a health plan to change your life?

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue or soft work, our therapist works directly with you to find out what you need. We are here if you want to work on a specific problem or just for relaxation

Holistic Nutrition

Are you wanting to feel or look better? Digestive problems are one of the main factors in any health condition. The trouble is you can have digestion problems without typical digestion pain, bloating, and gas. Whether it's anxiety, acne, bloating and gas, or just feeling better... food is the solution

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is great for injuries from work or life, learning to move better, or understanding your body more

Health Coaching

You’ve seen the headlines “Our food and lifestyle are making us sick and fat”. Add this to our ever increasing stress levels from work and media, and our decreases in sleep. The need for proper nourishment, movement, and self-care is pressing and under appreciated.If you’re struggling with what to do or not sure where to turn to, you’ve made the first step along your path to feeling better.I’m able to guide you on your path to taking back your life

What Our Clients Say


Don’t take our word for it, hear what people say

I came to Sync Therapy 3 months after having shoulder surgery from a chronic sports injury. Daryl was instrumental in helping me gain back my mobility and add strength, to help me return to professional sport. Not only does he treat the area where the source of the injury is, but he is meticulous in assessing other areas of deficiencies that may be aiding in pain. He has listened to all my concerns with care and answered all of my questions with an undeniable knowledge base making me feel at ease with my progress and motivated to continue through challenging therapy. Since I have moved to Toronto, Daryl has been in constant contact just to see how I am progressing, and he has provided a tremendous amount of support through the physical and mental battles of re-injury.I would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone who has a sports injury, or those seeking treatment for everyday aches and pains as Daryl goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are healthy both mind and body
Athletic Therapy Victoria
Team Canada
"Getting hurt is a part of having an active lifestyle – accidents happen. But until I started to see Daryl at Sync Therapy I thought living with these injuries was a part of that lifestyle. Daryl has help me through chronic ankle and knee pain and designed a recovery plan and more importantly an injury prevention plan that fits my lifestyle. I have found his advice, knowledge, and attention to detail second to none. Thanks Daryl and Sync Therapy for all your help!"
Massage Victoria
Business owner
"Daryl is such a wealth of information.. he goes above and beyond every time I see him, and is so easy to talk to and non-judgemental! He does a super solid job at looking at the big picture and understands how interconnected the body’s systems are. I for sure would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone. Plus, a super accommodating schedule makes it easy to get in when you actually need it most "
Massage Victoria

Book Now or Call us with any question

We offer convenient online booking or can be reached at (250) 812-8698. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we're a right fit for you. We will never try to sell you something

We offer direct billing for massage therapy, prompt treatment times, and convenient online booking. We use our skills to treat back pain, headaches, regular aches and pains, and more. If you’ve been in a car accident and have a lawyer, we can work together where you don’t pay upfront costs.

Athletic Therapy in Victoria is not only for “athletes” but for everyone. Our skilled therapist uses hands on treatment, education, and exercise to get you feeling better quickly. Whether you sprained your ankle, twisted your knee, or want to improve your posture – We can help!

We know diet is important to health but what’s the right diet? Our Holistic Nutritionist can help you set up a one-time plan, a specific program to stick to, or hold you accountable – We can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, yes! We do our best to get you as fast as possible. There are some cases, such as holidays and weekends, that we won’t be able to. We do offer flexible scheduling with hours that meet your busy schedule. Call us directly for that!

We offer direct billing for Massage Therapy but not for Athletic Therapy and Holistic Nutrition. Athletic Therapy and Holistic Nutrition are covered by insurance plans but always confirm your plan prior to your appointment. 

Yes! We work lawyers in Victoria, BC for direction to pay to recover your injuries

No! You don’t need to have a specific problem to visit the clinic. There are physical, mental, and emotional benefits to massage

No! Making a complete diet change can be too intimidating for most people. We work with you on whatever change your ready to make

Everything. We’re finding the relation to almost every disease or symptoms. Brain fog, headaches or migraines, aches and pains, anxiety, heart disease, bloating, and so much more.   

We’re located in Downtown Victoria, BC at 10-920 Johnson V8V 3N5 and our phone is (250) 812-8698

We’re available Mondays from 2-5pm, Tuesdays 5pm-8pm, Wednesday 5pm-8pm, Thursday 5pm-8pm, and Friday 9am-5pm