Visceral Manipulation | ``Organ Massage``

Visceral massage is a massage therapy technique that focuses on a complex part of anatomy; namely the gastrointestinal tract (the gut).

Do one of these statements sound like you?

  • Chronically tight shoulders with or without headaches
  • Massage therapy only “lasts” a few days and the pain or tightness comes back
  • Trouble sleeping from shoulder pain
  • Too deep of a massage leaves you wrecked for days
  • Hot flashes during sleep or just in the day

You may be interested in learning about something called “Visceral Manipulation”. It’s a massage therapy technique that only some RMT’s are able to provide

Visceral manipulation is an exciting emerging field in the hands-on treatment of the human body and it’s not as scary as you’d assume.

Despite the name, it positively affects and works with all of the body’s tissues.

We’re able to identify and gently release tissue and other organ restrictions to restore the proper function and movement of the organs.

This massage therapy technique is often the missing piece to help you recover from shoulder pain, constant back pain, and headaches.

It’s able to have a benefit for chronic pain, digestive issues (constipation and bloating), symptoms of fibromyalgia, and even reducing hot flashes during menopause.

It’s effective for chronic pain, movement issues, and injuries that are old or have surgery components to them.


Visceral manipulation performed by your RMT can not only have a positive effect on the digestive tract but it can provide relief in other areas such as your neck, shoulder, and back

The list below is only a small selection of the long list of things people report as benefits from visceral manipulation.

Visceral manipulation isn’t well-researched. A lot of the research around it involves rat models, but results are worth paying attention to. Here are a few examples of things researchers observed about visceral manipulation so far: 

  • Prevented and broke up peritoneal adhesions in rats [HERE]
  • Restored post-operative intestinal motility in rats [HERE]
  • Reduced constipation in humans [HERE]

Here’s the less “sciencey” stuff

  • Improved digestion
  • Easier to bend down to touch your toes
  • More mobility and less pain in the shoulder
  • Relief of headaches and easier to move the neck from side to side 
  • Less bloating and constipation
  • Reduced night sweats and hot flashes from menopause
  • Reduced chronic muscle pain
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Less trouble from “old” injuries
  • Diminished symptoms of fibromyalgia

Yes! I want to start feeling better again

When Is Visceral Manipulation Recommended?

Your RMT can have a discussion after an in-depth assessment to make sure that this type of technique is right for you

If you have a history of trauma (fall, fracture, surgery), whiplash and seatbelt injuries, lower back pain and sciatica, digestive disorders, acid reflux, postoperative scar tissue pain, hot flashes or night sweats, anxiety, or depression (plus more).

The light touch of visceral manipulation compliments all other forms of therapy such as regular massage, chiropractic, or physiotherapy.

It may be best utilized as a part of a program to improve your gut health. This works well for headaches, depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and gut-specific disorders such as Crohn’s, chronic constipation/bloating, or autoimmune conditions.

Visceral manipulation helps to re-establish the body’s ability to adapt and restore itself to good health.

As with other manual therapy techniques, your adherence to specific exercise, stretching techniques and other home care modalities remains integral to the success of treatment and shouldn’t be used as a standalone treatment for anything.

When you want to feel better

You have general fatigue, aches and pains, or want to sleep better.

Different therapies don't last long

You get a massage for your shoulders or neck but it doesn’t last more than a couple of days. You don’t find last relief and have to go back constantly

You have digestive issues

Because visceral manipulation involves restoring the internal organs — particularly the stomach, liver and large and small intestines — to their optimal function, it is beneficial for people who suffer from digestive disorders.

Chronic problems

Do you have a lot of things going on? It can a combination of many ailments – shoulder pain that gets better but then your back aches all while having trouble sleeping?
An RMT using visceral manipulation to help recovery from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, and more