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It’s Time You Broke Up With Your Pain

Athletic Therapy Victoria

Voted the best physiotherapist & rehab clinic in Victoria for 2022. Eliminate pain, get rid of your injury and leave feeling refreshed through our athletic therapy.

daryl stubbs from sync therapy

Meet Daryl, The Owner & Your Therapist

I’m best known for my ability to get therapeutic results for my clients.

Athletic Therapy that gets you results fast

Award-winning Athletic Therapy Clinic That Has Appointments Available

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Imagine not hurting when you run up the stairs. Shoulder pain doesn’t stop you from reaching for something. Being able to bend down without hurting your low back.

These are just a few things our certified athletic therapists have helped our clients with, and we can help you too.

These are just a few things we’ve helped our clients with, and we can help you too.

What we can help you

  • Keep being able to workout
  • Stay consistent with your exercise routine
  • Allow you to have two good knees again
  • Garden for hours
  • Play with your kids or grandchildren
  • Stop worrying about pain
Long-lasting results

Our certified athletic therapists aims to give you the maximum benefit you can get from your athletic therapy treatment

1 Dedicated Athletic Therapist to you

No more going to physiotherapy and the physiotherapist working with 3 other people while you sit with a hot pack or machine

Our clients love to tell their friends and family about us

Your friends will wonder how you can bend and move freely after being in pain for weeks.

Triple Licensed

Our Athletic Therapist is also professionally trained as a registered massage therapist and a holistic nutritionist.

Our Athletic Therapist Can Help You With

Whether it’s in your back, neck, shoulders, or hips, we’ll get rid of it for you.
Did you just hurt yourself or do you keep getting hurt over and over again?
Have you had pain in your lower back for too long? Imagine being able to stand without having to move around or sit down because your back hurts. Your athletic therapist can provide you with the right exercises to improve your back

How tight are your hips? What about calves? Do you feel like you have to constantly stretch or warm to reduce the tension? We’ve got an amazing technique to open up your fast that’s pain-free.
We can help most of our clients loosen their tight hips without making them stretch for hours.
It’s time to get rid of your neck, shoulder, low back, or knee pain so you can get back to doing what you want.
daryl stubbs from sync therapy

Meet Daryl, The Owner & Your Therapist

I’m best known for my ability to get therapeutic results for my clients.

The Advantages of Athletic Therapy in Victoria

Our athletic therapist does most of the heavy lifting in getting you feeling better

Small Buisness & Locally Owned

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy because word spreads quickly in Victoria. We’ve supported local teams and events and continue to do so

Our Secret Super Power

We know this will sound weird but it’s probably not your muscles that your problem – it’s the tissues around your organs. Our bodies are complex machines but when you reduce the tension around the organs you can get rid of low back and knee pain together, say good-bye to shoulder tightness, and hello to more shoulder movement

Correct Exercise Recommendations

Do you want the right exercises to reduce your back and knee pain at the same time? What about your neck and headaches? We get you the right exercises to get you feeling better without spending hours in the gym


Happy Clients


5-Star Google Reviews


A Decade of experience

Finding an athletic therapist in victoria bc

After experiencing years of neck and shoulder pain and trying multiple “therapies” to solve the issues with minimal success – Daryl has given me reason to feel optimistic that this pain can be treated. Daryl is extremely knowledgable and listens well and comes up with a multi-faceted approach. After only 2 sessions I feel that I am on track to be pain free. Thank you Daryl!


Sync Therapy Client

Our Athletic Therapist

Daryl graduated from the Camosun College, obtaining his Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy Degree in 2013 and is a part of the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association and the Athletic Therapists Association of British Columbia

In 2017, he became a Registered Massage Therapist and is a part of the College of Registered Massage Therapists

In 2018, Daryl graduated from Canada’s leading holistic nutrition, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

We’re In Business

8+ years

Client Referrals

527+ satisfied clients

Daryl at Sync Therapy
Are you ready to break up with your pain?

Benefits of Athletic Therapy

527+ satisfied clients

Let’s say good-bye to your pain together.

Keep you working out or on the field

You’ve made it a habit to work out and know an injury is jeopardizing that. We’ll get your pain levels down and show you how to continue to work out – keeping the momentum going

Get rid of injuries and pain

Athletic therapy makes taking care of your body easy. Our expert athletic therapist provides hands-on manual therapy and can provide corrective exercises to keep you feeling better, longer.

It’s Time To Book Your Athletic Therapy Appointment

One dedicated athletic therapist to you, over a decade of experience, and results tailored to you

“…Daryl was instrumental in helping me gain back my mobility and add strength, to help me return to professional sport...I would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone who has a sports injury, or those seeking treatment for everyday aches and pains as Daryl goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are healthy both mind and body”

Shanice Marcelle

Team Canada

Daryl Stubbs from sync therapy in his clinical office
Daryl Stubbs
Massage Therapist | Athletic Therapist | Nutritionist

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Athletic Therapy Pricing

Our Athletic Therapy rates as of Jan 1 2023 in Victoria BC

Initial Athletic Therapy Appointment


Athletic Therapy Follow Up


  • 60 Minutes
  • Used for follow-up treatments, education, and questions
  • Free rescheduling
  • Best for feeling better

We Can Help With Your Injury

what can a certified athletic therapist help you with?

We’re best known for our work with the back, shoulder, knees, and neck.

A Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT) can help you with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including but not limited to:

Acute Injuries

Such as sprains, strains, and fractures

Chronic and overuse Injuries

Such as tendinitis, low back pain, arthritis

Keep or return you to the gym

Were you on track with going to the gym and want to stay that way? Does bench pressing hurt your shoulder?

Help you move better

We’re experts at the human body and helping you move better

Improve your posture

Do you have poor posture from sitting in front of the computer for hours?

what is athletic therapy?

Athletic therapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal problems with different types of manual therapies, exercise plans, and modalities, such as taping and bracing. The goal of athletic therapists is to help people get back to the level of activity they want or help be part of the plan for an active lifestyle. It’s good for everyone, from weekend warriors to athletes who do it for a living.

Finding an athletic therapist in victoria bc

An athletic therapist will do a thorough injury assessment as well as a review of any relevant medical history during the first meeting.

During the athletic therapy assessment, your athletic therapist will ask you questions and use the answers to make a treatment and recovery plan that is unique to your needs.

Athletic therapy in Canada and British Columbia is a health profession that specializes in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Athletic therapists work with individuals of all ages and abilities, including athletes, to help them recover from injuries and improve their overall physical function.

They may work in a variety of settings, such as clinics, hospitals, sports teams, and fitness facilities. Athletic therapists in Canada and BC must be certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) and meet specific educational and clinical requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Athletic Therapy

How is Athletic Therapy different from other forms of therapy?2023-01-19T09:42:50-08:00

Athletic Therapy is unique in that it is specifically focused on the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic Therapists have a wide range of skills and knowledge in areas such as exercise prescription, manual therapy, and modalities, which allows them to provide a comprehensive approach to injury management and rehabilitation.


What should I expect during my first Athletic Therapy session?2023-01-19T09:44:14-08:00

During your first session, your Athletic Therapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your injury or condition. This may include a physical examination, range of motion testing, and functional testing. Based on the results of the assessment, your Athletic Therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.


Do I need a referral from a doctor to see an Athletic Therapist?2023-01-19T09:46:36-08:00

No, you do not need a referral from a doctor to see an Athletic Therapist. However, if you have an existing medical condition or have recently had surgery, it is recommended that you inform your Athletic Therapist and get clearance from your doctor before beginning treatment.



What should I wear to my Athletic Therapy session?2023-01-19T09:51:50-08:00

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely – this can be clothes to workout or exercise in


Do you accept insurance?2023-01-19T09:53:46-08:00

Yes, athletic therapy is accepted by many insurance providers. It is recommended that you check with your insurance provider to see if Athletic Therapy is covered under your plan.


What Type Of Injuries Do We Treat?2023-01-19T09:36:59-08:00

Have you hurt yourself running, playing your sport, or picking something up from the ground?

Common injuries that we see are back pain, neck pain, headaches, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, ankle sprains and the common sprains and strains throughout the body

  • Back pain including degenerative disc disease, sciatica, back tension
  • Neck pain – tight and sore neck
  • Headaches and migraines – chronically tight neck, stress
  • Shoulder pain – rotator cuff, impingement, bursitis, arthritis, and frozen shoulder
  • Whiplash and car accidents – great for building strength for active rehab
  • Muscle soreness – working out, hiking, or other activities
  • Poor posture
  • Running injuries – patella-femoral (knee) pain syndrome and ITB syndrome
  • Sports injuries – baseball, soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, and everything in between
  • Ligament sprains – ankle, knee
  • Knee problems – meniscus tears, ACL, MCL
What is Athletic Therapy?2023-01-19T09:39:29-08:00

Athletic Therapy is a form of healthcare that focuses on the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic Therapists use a combination of techniques such as exercise prescription, manual therapy, and modalities to help clients recover from injuries and improve their overall health and wellness.


What can Athletic Therapy help with?2023-01-19T09:41:10-08:00

Most musculoskeletal injuries and ailments, including as sprains and strains, headaches, back and neck discomfort, and post-surgical rehabilitation, can be helped by athletic therapy. Strength, flexibility, and balance can all be improved through athletic therapy, which can also aid with general health and fitness.


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