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Imagine finding someone that can make you feel so good you tell all your friends about. That’s what most of my clients do. I use a unique approach to make you clear up tightness and years of problems that you’ve had in a short period of time.

Here are a few things that we heard from our clients when they come back for more appointments

  • My back hasn’t gone out by doing chores and I didn’t even need to do exercises

  • I didn’t realize I was on my knees in the garden for so long! They didn’t hurt!

  • It wasn’t until lunch that i realized I didn’t have a headache or neck pain. I don’t remember when the last time that happened!

I’ve been blessed to win the best massage therapy and physio/rehab clinic in 2022 – a humbling feat for one person

Daryl Stubbs

Owner Of Sync Therapy

Let’s Work Together To Get You Feeling Your Best

Let Us Help You Get Better, Feel Better, And Stay Better

We’ve got multiple approaches to help you


We make taking care of your body easy. Our RMT uses proven hands-on manual therapy and corrective exercises to keep you feeling better, longer.

Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapy isn’t just for athletes. Whether you have an injury, pain, or want to move better – Athletic Therapists are trained professionals


We’re certified in holistic nutrition but we can use different approaches to improve your health without diet changes


Sync therapy is winner of best massage clinic in victoria for 2022

Winner Of Best Massage Therapy Clinic For 2022

Sync therapy is winner of best physiotherapy and rehab clinic in victoria

Winner Of Best Physiotherapist and Rehab Clinic For 2022

sync therapy is rated 3 best massage therapy in victoria in 2023

Rated Best 3 in Massage Therapy for 2023

sync therapy is rated 3 best massage therapist in victoria in 2022

Rated Best 3 in Massage Therapy for 2023

Andreas Casey Client

“Hands down the best experience I’ve had! Daryl really knows his craft and is a wealth of knowledge! Highly recommend everyone to Sync Therapy!”

Real Estate Agent

Daryl Stubbs

Owner of Sync Therapy

Don’t let pain and tension hold you back any longer

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to feel better today

Harness The Power
Of A Different Approach

We use our experience to get you results – fast!

Every successful treatment is based on client-focused care.

Our clients guide the direction of treatment and are a part of the recovery process every step of the way. This is not only empowering and self-motivating, it helps speed your recovery!

Your goals matter to us.

  • Want to get back to your activity soon?
  • Reduce stress?
  • Walk-up/down the stair without pain?
  • Sleep through the night?
  • Reduce your anxiety or depression?
  • Just feel better?
  • Something else?

Your treatment plan is designed with these goals in mind to help you return to the things you love – quickly.

My superpower is the ability to use a holistic approach to helping clients achieve optimal health and well-being. I use a unique combination of visceral manipulation, targeted exercise, and hands-on techniques such as massage and myofascial release to achieve this goal.

Visceral manipulation, a manual therapy that focuses on the internal organs, is used to align and balance the body which can have a profound impact on overall well-being. Targeted exercise is used to strengthen and stabilize the body while hands-on techniques such as massage and myofascial release are used to alleviate pain and tension.

This approach addresses the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on symptoms, this provide a long lasting results for my clients, it works towards not just fixing what’s broken but it also prevent future issues. This approach is customizable for each individual client, tailoring to their specific needs, goals, and constraints to help them reach their full potential.

I believe this approach provides lasting results and helps my clients to feel more relaxed, more mobile, and more energized.

With my experience in massage therapy, athletic therapy, and nutrition, I can look at the body in a unique and whole way. Because I know and am good at these things, I can understand how the body works as a whole and how its different parts work together. With this knowledge, I can find the real causes of pain and discomfort instead of just treating the symptoms.

about the Owner

Entrepreneur. Therapist. Outdoorsman.

Daryl graduated from the Camosun College, obtaining his Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy Degree in 2013 and is a part of the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association and the Athletic Therapists Association of British Columbia

In 2017, he became a Registered Massage Therapist and is a part of the College of Registered Massage Therapists

In 2018, Daryl graduated from Canada’s leading holistic nutrition, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Daryl’s unique skill set of having 3 different designations allows him to not only be covered under most insurance companies but allows him to see things from a different perspective.

This often saves his clients time, money, and the stress of finding a therapist that works for them.

  • Certified Athletic Therapist in 2013

  • Registered Massage Therapist in 2017

  • Holistic Nutrition in 2018

Daryl at Sync Therapy

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Energy Generation

Daryl is clearly a master practitioner. His scope is broad and holistic and he has the toolkit to match. I was very impressed with the immediate benefits from my first session. I’m excited about the potential of working with Daryl longer term on some more chronic health challenges, given how quickly he’s helping me resolve the acute issue that brought me to see him in the first place. He has excellent bedside manner and clearly cares a lot about his clients well being. 10/10 would recommend.

Melissa Dean Client
Jenn McRae

A happy client

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daryl stubbs from sync therapy

Daryl Stubbs

Owner Of Sync Therapy

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