Hooga Red Light Therapy Reviews: hg200, hg300 & hg1500

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hooga red light review
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In our Hooga Red Light Therapy review, we delve into the innovative world of non-invasive healing and rejuvenation that Hooga Health offers through its cutting-edge devices. As the demand for alternative wellness solutions surges, Hooga’s red light therapy devices stand out for their affordability, effectiveness, and user-friendly design, catering to a wide array of health concerns from muscle recovery to skin health. Join us as we explore the features, benefits, and real user testimonials that make Hooga a notable contender in the wellness industry, and discover whether these devices could be the key to enhancing your overall well-being.

Key TakeAway Hooga Red Light Therapy Reviews

Hooga Red Light Therapy devices offer a wide range of health benefits, including improving skin tone, reducing wrinkles, relieving pain, and enhancing sleep quality. These devices utilize red and near-infrared light to stimulate collagen production and support cellular health. Hooga stands out in the market due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Product Recommendations:

  1. For beginners or those looking for targeted therapy:
    • HG300: Entry-level device offering pain relief, energy boost, and skin rejuvenation benefits. It’s versatile, easy to use, and cost-effective.
  2. For advanced skin rejuvenation and deeper penetration:
    • HG500: Advanced therapy device focusing on skin health and rejuvenation with clinically proven wavelengths. Ideal for users looking to elevate their red light therapy experience.
  3. For professional-grade therapy and precise treatment:
    • Pro300+: Entry-level professional device offering dual wavelengths and energy-efficient design. Perfect for those starting their journey into red light therapy or targeting specific areas for treatment. Pick the size for your area or price range.
  4. For full-body treatments and comprehensive therapy:
    • Pro1500: Advanced RLT panel providing full-body treatment with adjustable settings and robust construction. Ideal for users seeking intensive red light therapy benefits.
  5. For the most powerful and customizable therapy:
    • Ultra5400: Premier choice offering a holistic approach to wellness with both red and near-infrared light. It’s suitable for combating aging, improving skin health, and enhancing sleep quality.
  6. For those seeking a multifaceted approach to wellness:
    • Hooga Red Light Full Body Pod: Comprehensive red light therapy for full-body experiences, suitable for athletes, individuals with joint pain, or anyone aiming for improved skin health and energy levels.
  7. For targeted facial skin care:
    • Hooga Face Mask: Innovative device for facial rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin tone and texture. Perfect for integrating professional-level skincare into the home routine.
  8. For relaxation, recovery, and overall well-being:
    • Hooga PEMF Mat: Combines PEMF therapy with red light therapy for enhanced relaxation, recovery, and sleep quality. Suitable for individuals seeking a comprehensive wellness solution.

Hooga Red Light Therapy devices harness the power of red and near-infrared light to offer a range of health benefits. From improving skin tone to relieving pain and reducing wrinkles, these devices provide an array of treatment options. LED lights, integral to Hooga devices, are specifically designed to target treatment areas effectively, ensuring that even hard-to-reach areas receive the care they need.

Hooga Red Light Therapy panels are celebrated for their ability to stimulate collagen production, which not only improves skin tone but also aids in wrinkle reduction and stretch marks. Furthermore, these devices offer full-body treatments, enhancing their appeal for those looking to improve sleep or achieve a youthful complexion.

Comprehensive Overview of Hooga Red Light Therapy

hooga red light review

At the core of Hooga’s red light therapy are the principles of using red and near-infrared light to heal and rejuvenate. These wavelengths penetrate the skin, supporting cellular health and offering therapeutic effects. Hooga devices stand out by providing a wide spectrum of treatment options, from improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles to relieving pain and enhancing sleep quality.

The versatility of Hooga Red Light Therapy panels lies in their ability to cater to various needs. Whether seeking treatment for specific skin concerns like wrinkle reduction and stretch marks or looking for a solution to relieve pain and improve overall well-being, Hooga devices offer effective light therapy tailored to individual needs.

The Science Behind Hooga Red Light Therapy

Hooga Red Light Therapy panels are designed based on scientific principles that leverage light for healing. The therapy stimulates collagen production, which is crucial for skin rejuvenation, helping to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. This process is vital not only for cosmetic benefits but also for enhancing the skin’s overall health.

Furthermore, the therapy’s efficacy extends to treating stretch marks, offering hope to those looking for non-invasive solutions. By addressing these common skin concerns, Hooga Red Light Therapy supports a holistic approach to skin health, emphasizing natural healing and rejuvenation.

How Hooga Stands Out in Red Light Therapy Market

reviewing the PRO300 to improve wrinkles and anti aging

Hooga sets itself apart in the red light therapy market through its commitment to quality and innovation. Its red light therapy panels are designed to stimulate collagen production more efficiently, which improves skin tone and aids in muscle recovery. This focus on creating an effective light therapy solution has led to improved skin outcomes for users.

Moreover, Hooga prides itself on exceptional customer service, ensuring that each customer’s experience is positive and fulfilling. This dedication to quality and service has positioned Hooga as a leader in the red light therapy space, offering devices that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Hooga HG Series

The Hooga HG Series is renowned for its efficient design, including a hanging kit and a 60-degree beam angle that ensures maximum coverage. Each device in the HG series, designed with individual 5w LEDs, focuses on delivering targeted therapy to the desired areas, making it a versatile option for various treatment needs.

Hooga Pro Series

Hooga’s Pro Series elevates red light therapy with its advanced features, including cooling fans that ensure the device operates at optimal temperatures. The series offers precise wavelengths of 660 nanometers and 850 nanometers, catering to both superficial and deep tissue treatments. This attention to detail highlights the Pro Series’ ability to provide professional-grade therapy across different treatment needs.

Hooga Ultra Series

The Hooga Ultra Series consists of advanced red and near infrared light therapy panels designed for various therapeutic purposes. The series includes the ULTRA360 and ULTRA1500 models, both featuring flicker-free, quad chip LEDs emitting clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 630, 660, 810, and 850 nanometers. These panels offer customizable brightness, adjustable timers, pulse functionality, and can be used for anti-aging, pain relief, improving skin tone, enhancing sleep quality, and more. The ULTRA360 is a high-powered targeted panel with 72 quad chip LEDs, while the ULTRA1500 is a full-body device with 300 quad chip LEDs. Both models are modular and can be connected to other panels in the series for customized setups. Additionally, they come with cooling fans to dissipate heat and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours with a 3-year warranty

Dive into the HG Series: A Closer Look

using the benefits of hooga red light to achience a better quality sleep

The HG Series from Hooga stands as a testament to the transformative benefits of red light therapy. Starting with the hooga HG300, users can experience pain relief and enhanced energy levels, thanks to the dual wavelengths of light. The series is designed to cater to various health and well-being needs, from alleviating muscle pain to promoting healing and regulating circadian rhythms.

The HG500, on the other hand, serves as a targeted red light therapy device that focuses on skin rejuvenation and improving skin health. With clinically proven wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm, these devices ensure deep penetration into the skin, maximizing the potential benefits and enhancing skin elasticity for a more youthful complexion.

1. HG300 – The Entry Level Marvel

The HG300 is an entry-level marvel that offers significant pain relief and a boost in energy levels. Its dual wavelengths are specifically chosen for their efficacy in promoting a youthful skin appearance and overall well-being. This device is perfect for those new to red light therapy, providing an easy and effective way to experience its benefits.

With its focus on energy and youthful skin, the HG300 addresses a wide range of concerns, making it a versatile and invaluable tool in one’s health and wellness arsenal. Its ease of use and effectiveness make it a popular choice among beginners and those looking to incorporate red light therapy into their routine.

Key Features

The HG300 boasts an array of key features designed to enhance the user experience and maximize the benefits of red light therapy. Its dual wavelengths target both superficial and deep tissue, making it effective for a variety of treatment needs. Additionally, the device is equipped with cooling fans and a hanging kit, ensuring ease of use and optimal performance.

Another standout feature is its energy efficiency, which not only makes it environmentally friendly but also cost-effective for users. The HG300’s design and capabilities reflect Hooga’s commitment to providing high-quality, accessible red light therapy solutions.

Tech Specs

The technical specifications of the HG300 include dual wavelengths of 660 nanometers and 850 nanometers, catering to both surface-level and deeper tissue treatments. The device features individual 5w LEDs, ensuring powerful and focused light therapy. Its energy-efficient design is complemented by a robust cooling system, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for extended use.

Furthermore, the HG300 comes with a hanging kit, allowing for versatile placement and use in a variety of settings. These technical aspects highlight the HG300’s capability to provide effective and accessible red light therapy, making it a preferred choice for users seeking to improve their health and well-being.

2. HG500 – The Advanced Therapy Powerhouse

The HG500 stands as an advanced therapy powerhouse, focusing on skin rejuvenation and deeper penetration into the skin. Its design and functionality are tailored to improving skin health and unlocking the potential benefits of red light therapy. This device is ideal for those looking to take their red light therapy experience to the next level.

With an emphasis on skin rejuvenation, the HG500 targets specific skin concerns, offering solutions for improving skin health and appearance. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a powerful tool in the pursuit of a healthier, more radiant complexion.


The HG500 offers numerous advantages, including advanced skin rejuvenation capabilities and the ability to penetrate the skin effectively. Its design ensures that users receive the full spectrum of benefits associated with red light therapy, from improving skin health to potential wellness improvements.

Additionally, the HG500’s advanced features and specifications make it a standout choice for those seeking a more intensive red light therapy experience. Its focus on skin health and rejuvenation, combined with its effectiveness and ease of use, positions the HG500 as a top-tier option in the market.


While the HG500 offers many benefits, it is important to consider its higher price point, which may be a barrier for some users. Additionally, its advanced features and capabilities may require a steeper learning curve for those new to red light therapy.

Despite these considerations, the HG500 remains a valuable investment for those committed to improving their skin health and overall well-being. Its advanced capabilities and focus on skin rejuvenation justify its position as a premium option in the red light therapy market.

Dive into the Pro Series: Hooga Pro RLT Panels

hooga red light therapy belt and the ultra5400 review

The Hooga Pro Series represents the pinnacle of red light therapy, offering precise wavelengths of 660 nanometers and 850 nanometers. These panels are designed for both professional and personal use, providing deep tissue treatments and targeting a wide range of health concerns. The Pro Series elevates the red light therapy experience, combining advanced technology with ease of use.

With its focus on delivering clinically proven wavelengths, the Pro Series ensures users receive the most effective treatment possible. Whether seeking to alleviate pain, improve skin health, or enhance overall well-being, the Hooga Pro Series offers a powerful solution that caters to a broad spectrum of needs.

1. Pro300 – The Entry Level Red Light Device

The Pro300 serves as the gateway into the world of red light therapy, designed especially for beginners. Its ease of use and affordability make it an attractive option for those just starting their journey with Hooga’s devices. Despite being an entry-level model, the Pro300 does not compromise on the quality and effectiveness that Hooga is known for.

This device is perfect for targeting specific areas of the body, such as the face or joints, providing concentrated light therapy benefits. Its compact size means it can easily be used at home or taken on the go, ensuring users never miss their red light therapy routine.

Key Features

The Pro300 boasts several key features that set it apart in the market. Firstly, its dual wavelength option allows users to switch between 660 nm (Red) and 850 nm (Near-Infrared) light, catering to different therapy needs. Secondly, the device is energy-efficient, making it cost-effective over time. Additionally, its ease of use, with a simple on/off switch and no complicated settings, ensures that even beginners can operate it without hassle.

Another standout feature is the Pro300’s cooling system, which ensures the device remains at a safe temperature during use. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the device but also makes it safer for users, providing peace of mind during each therapy session.

Tech Specs

The Pro300’s technical specifications highlight its user-friendly design and efficiency. It comes equipped with a high number of LEDs to ensure deep penetration of light for optimal therapy results. The device’s power output is carefully calibrated to offer the most therapeutic benefits without risking skin damage. Furthermore, its dimensions and weight are optimized for easy handling and portability, allowing users to enjoy red light therapy wherever they go.

Additionally, the Pro300’s durability is underscored by its sturdy construction and the use of high-quality materials. This ensures that the device can withstand regular use, making it a long-lasting addition to one’s wellness routine. Its compatibility with international voltage standards also means it can be used worldwide, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

2. Hooga Pro1500 – The Advanced RLT Panel Powerhouse

The Hooga Pro1500 is the answer for those seeking a more intensive red light therapy experience. It’s designed to cater to users who require full-body treatment, offering a larger panel that emits powerful therapeutic light. This model is ideal for seasoned red light therapy enthusiasts who want to elevate their treatment to the next level.

With its advanced features and greater coverage area, the Pro1500 can efficiently address a wide range of health concerns. From improving skin health to aiding muscle recovery, this panel provides comprehensive benefits, making it a valuable tool for health and wellness.


One of the major advantages of the Pro1500 is its ability to cover a full body in a single session, reducing treatment time and making therapy more convenient. Its high output ensures deep penetration of light, maximizing the therapeutic effects. Additionally, the Pro1500’s versatility is unmatched, with adjustable settings that cater to various therapy needs and preferences.

Another benefit is the device’s robust construction, which guarantees durability and longevity. Users can also appreciate the Pro1500’s quiet operation, which makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable therapy experience. The inclusion of a built-in timer further enhances user convenience, allowing for precise control over treatment duration.


However, the Pro1500’s larger size and higher price point may be a drawback for some users. Its advanced features and capabilities, while beneficial, also result in a steeper learning curve compared to simpler models. Additionally, the device’s weight and bulkiness could pose challenges in terms of storage and portability, limiting its use in smaller spaces or for those who travel frequently.

Another potential downside is the need for a stable, dedicated space for setup, which may not be feasible for all users. Despite these cons, the Pro1500 remains a powerful and effective solution for those committed to integrating red light therapy into their health regimen.

Dive into the Ultra Series: Hooga Ultra IR& RLT Panels

the hooga ultra series has many benefits for sleep and skin health

The Ultra Series represents the pinnacle of Hooga’s red light therapy offerings, combining infrared and red light technology in high-powered panels. These devices are designed for users who demand the best in terms of performance and results. With enhanced features and capabilities, the Ultra Series is ideal for those looking to tackle a wide range of health and wellness goals.

Whether you’re focused on anti-aging, improving skin health, or optimizing sleep, the Ultra Series has a solution. These panels are engineered to deliver concentrated light therapy, penetrating deeper into tissues to stimulate healing and rejuvenation. With the Ultra Series, users can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that red light therapy has to offer.

1. Hooga Ultra360 – The Best For Anti aging, Skin Health, and Sleep

The Hooga Ultra360 stands out as a premier choice for individuals aiming to combat aging, enhance skin health, and improve sleep quality. By harnessing the power of both infrared and red light, the Ultra360 offers a holistic approach to wellness. Its targeted therapy can help promote healthier skin, regulate circadian rhythms, and encourage better sleep patterns.

Not only does the Ultra360 support physical well-being, but it also plays a crucial role in mental health by aiding in the regulation of sleep cycles. This, in turn, contributes to improved mood and overall vitality. The device’s ability to address such a broad spectrum of concerns makes it a standout in Hooga’s lineup.

Key Features

The Ultra360 is equipped with numerous features that cater to a comprehensive therapy experience. Its broad coverage area ensures that large parts of the body can be treated simultaneously, making each session more efficient. The device also offers customizable settings, allowing users to tailor their therapy sessions according to their specific needs.

Furthermore, the Ultra360 incorporates state-of-the-art cooling technology to maintain optimal performance levels and ensure safety during use. Its sleek design not only enhances the aesthetic of any space but also makes the device easy to set up and use, reflecting Hooga’s commitment to convenience and quality.

Tech Specs

The technical specifications of the Hooga Ultra360 reveal its superior capabilities. With a balanced combination of red and near-infrared LEDs, the device delivers powerful, penetrating light that can deeply impact tissue regeneration and repair. It operates at power levels that are both safe and effective, ensuring users receive the maximum benefits without risk.

The Ultra360’s dimensions are thoughtfully designed to accommodate full-body therapy while still being manageable in a home setting. Its compatibility with various power sources also enhances its versatility, making it suitable for use in different regions. With these impressive specs, the Ultra360 embodies the cutting-edge of red light therapy technology.

2. Hooga Ultra1500 – Advanced IR and RLT Full Body Panel

The Hooga Ultra1500 is a high-powered, full-body red light therapy device designed for various benefits such as anti-aging, pain relief, improving skin tone, and more. It features 300 quad chip LEDs emitting red and near-infrared light at clinically proven wavelengths. The device is modular, allowing connection to other panels in the ULTRA series for customized setups. It offers adjustable brightness, a timer, and pulse functionality. The Ultra1500 has a 3-year warranty, a 60-day trial period, and comes with accessories like a hanging kit and protective goggles.

Pros of Hooga Ultra1500:

  • Full-body medical-grade light therapy panel
  • Offers red and near-infrared light therapy
  • Modular design for customization
  • Adjustable brightness and timer
  • Pulse functionality
  • 3-year warranty and 60-day trial period

Cons of Hooga Ultra1500:

  • High initial cost ($1,399.00)
  • Some users reported issues with color consistency during operation but this is quite rare

3. Hooga Ultra5400 – The Complete System

The Hooga Ultra5400 is a full-body red and near-infrared light therapy device designed for home use. It features 1080 QUAD chip LEDs emitting light at clinically proven wavelengths of 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, and 850nm. This device is versatile and can aid in speeding up recovery time, reducing wrinkles, enhancing energy and mood, stimulating collagen and elastin production, among other benefits. The Ultra5400 has a digital display with a timer, pulse function, and adjustable brightness. It comes with all necessary hardware to secure it to a wall and has low EMF output. The device is recommended to be used from 6 to 18 inches away for a treatment time between 2-15 minutes depending on the goals. The Hooga Ultra5400 is a powerful and customizable tool for various light therapy applications


  • High Power: The Ultra5400 is the largest and most powerful red light therapy device from Hooga, featuring 5400W rated power and 1080 QUAD chip LEDs emitting red and near-infrared light at clinically proven wavelengths
  • Versatile Benefits: It can speed up recovery time, reduce wrinkles, enhance energy and mood, stimulate collagen and elastin production, among other benefits.
  • Adjustable Features: The device includes a digital display with timer, pulse functionality, adjustable brightness, and low EMF output for a customized experience.
  • Large Coverage Area: With dimensions of 72 inches x 24 inches x 2.55 inches, it offers a substantial treatment area for full-body therapy.
  • Heat Dissipation: Equipped with 12 cooling fans to prevent overheating during use, ensuring safety and comfort.


  • High Price: Priced at $4,500.00, the Ultra5400 is a significant investment compared to other red light therapy devices on the market.
  • Weight: Weighing 88 lbs, it may be less portable or convenient to move around compared to smaller devices.
  • Stand Sold Separately: The stand pictured with the device is sold separately, which could be an additional cost if desired for optimal use

hooga health ultra 5400 review is a premium rlt device in canada

Other Amazing Hooga Devices That Work

reviewing the hooga pro1500 with my personal experience

Aside from the renowned red light therapy panels, Hooga offers a range of other innovative devices designed to enhance wellness. These include the Hooga Red Light Full Body Pod, tailored for immersive therapy sessions, and the Hooga Face Mask, which targets facial rejuvenation. For those seeking a multifaceted approach to relaxation and recovery, the Hooga PEMF Mat presents a unique combination of technologies. Each product is crafted with the intention of improving health and vitality, showcasing Hooga’s commitment to holistic wellbeing solutions.

Hooga Red Light Full Body Pod

Designed for those seeking a comprehensive approach to red light therapy, the Hooga Red Light Full Body Pod envelops the user in beneficial wavelengths, offering a full-body experience. This state-of-the-art device is ideal for individuals looking to maximize their therapy sessions, from athletes in need of recovery to anyone interested in improving their skin health or boosting their energy levels. Its design caters to a wide range of wellness goals, making it a versatile addition to any health regimen.

Who Should Use It

The Hooga Red Light Full Body Pod is particularly suited for individuals seeking to enhance their overall well-being on a larger scale. Whether it’s athletes aiming for quick recovery post-training, people experiencing joint pain or stiffness, or those wishing to improve skin conditions and boost collagen production, this device offers a holistic solution. It is also beneficial for anyone looking to elevate their energy levels through natural, non-invasive means.

hooga red light therapy amazon and the hooga pemf mat review

Hooga Face Mask

The Hooga Face Mask is an innovative device designed specifically for facial skin care. Utilizing red light therapy, it aims to rejuvenate the skin by promoting collagen production, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin tone and texture. Compact and easy to use, this mask brings professional-level skin care into the comfort of your home, making it a favorite among those looking to enhance their facial health and appearance.

Who Should Use It

This device is ideal for individuals seeking to address facial skin concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and overall skin dullness. It’s perfect for those wishing to incorporate a simple yet effective tool into their skincare routine to achieve a healthier, more youthful complexion. Whether you’re starting your skincare journey or looking to add a powerful tool to your arsenal, the Hooga Face Mask is a versatile choice.

A sleek, modern device emits a soft, warm hg300 hooga red light device. Its simple, minimalist design exudes sophistication. Text nearby reads hooga red light hat

Hooga PEMF Mat Review

The Hooga PEMF Mat stands out in the wellness market for its unique combination of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and red light therapy. This innovative mat is designed to promote relaxation, enhance recovery, and improve overall well-being. By delivering low-level electromagnetic fields to the body, it helps to rejuvenate cells, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality, making it a comprehensive tool for health maintenance and improvement.

What Sets It Apart From Others

What distinguishes the Hooga PEMF Mat from other wellness devices is its dual-action approach, combining PEMF technology with red light therapy. This synergy enhances the body’s natural recovery processes, supports better sleep, and boosts energy levels, offering a holistic solution to various health concerns. Its versatility makes it suitable for anyone looking to improve their well-being, from those with specific health conditions to individuals simply seeking a boost in their daily energy levels.

A glowing ultra5400 red light therapy device stands beside positive customer reviews and a clear value proposition statement

Hooga hg200 vs hg300

The HG300 has higher LED power (300W) compared to the HG200 (200W). It consumes more power as well, with 80W for the HG300 and 55W for the HG200. In terms of weight, the HG300 is heavier at 5.5lb, while the HG200 weighs 2.5lb. The dimensions of the HG300 are also larger, measuring 12.2” x 8.2” x 2.5″ compared to the HG200’s 9.5” x 6” x 1″.

Another notable difference is that the HG300 Pro model includes a stand, whereas the basic HG300 model doesn’t offer a stand option. The placement of switches and plugs also varies between the two models, with the Pro model having them on the side and the basic model having them on the top. Additionally, the Pro line ensures flicker-free operation compared to some flicker present in the basic line LEDs. Lastly, the Pro line tends to be priced higher due to its additional features.

These distinctions in LED power, power consumption, weight, dimensions, stand inclusion, switch placement, flicker-free operation, and price contribute to the differences in features between the Hooga HG200 and HG300 red light therapy panels.

Final Thoughts: Is Hooga Right for You?

A serene room with warm, red light emanating from a hooga health red light therapy device, casting a soothing glow on the surroundings

Hooga is a brand that specializes in red light therapy devices, offering a range of products designed to alleviate muscle and joint pain, accelerate wound healing, and provide targeted medical-grade care. With affordable red light options that boast impressive light intensity, Hooga makes the advantages of red light therapy accessible to many. Whether you’re new to red light therapy or looking for an upgrade, their devices, backed by generous warranty coverage, cater to a variety of needs.

For those weighing the potential side effects against the benefits, Hooga’s therapy devices present a compelling option. The brand’s commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction is evident in the careful construction of their products, aiming to ensure safety and efficacy. If you seek a natural approach to improving skin health, aiding in recovery, or simply enhancing your overall wellbeing, Hooga’s red light therapy devices might be the perfect addition to your health regimen.

A group of HG300 red light therapy devices are arranged side by side, emitting a warm and soothing glow. Each device is labeled with its brand and model, creating a visually interesting comparison

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