Shoulder pain

You never know how much you need your shoulder until you’re in pain!

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain or injury, a Massage Therapist can help reduce your pain and get you feeling better or an Athletic Therapist can evaluate your range of motion, strength, and provide you with the appropriate exercises to recover from your shoulder pain.

Your RMT can treat your shoulder pain by using massage while your Athletic therapist can create an individualized treatment plan to relieve pain and restore your functional back to what it used to be. Other ways would include reducing inflammation, decreasing muscle spasms and increasing the healing process.

An athletic therapist treating shoulder pain

Symptoms of shoulder pain

Troubles sleeping on that side

Throwing a ball or problems during your sport

Pain when you’re lifting something

Numbness down the arm

Snapping or popping with movement

Trouble raising your arm overhead

Shoulder injuries can happen for many reasons and can develop gradually or come on suddenly, with a dull or sharp pain. It can be overuse injuries from baseball, problems during working out, or you may not sure what has happened. With the shoulder being used in the vast majority of sports and used in everyday life, it’s important to monitor and treated quickly to avoid progression of your problem.

It’s important to find out why you’re having pain and what you can do to get out of the pain, so you can enjoy Victoria, BC.

Common types of shoulder pain

Improving strength to reduce shoulder pain
Rotator cuff injury

The rotator cuff tendons are some of the most injured areas in your shoulder. While typically not very serious long-term, it can cause quite a bit of pain!

Working with an athletic therapist to reduce shoulder pain
Sprains and Strains

This is one of the more common injuries that we see. A sprain is an injury to your ligament and a strain is an injury to muscle.

Reducing shoulder pain in victoria
Dislocations and Subluxations

A dislocation is when the shoulder “comes out of the socket” and you need help “putting it back in”. A Subluxation is a very similar sensation but the joint comes close to “coming out” but doesn’t fully, it’s a very uncomfortable and unsettling feeling.

Reducing shoulder pain
Instability and arthritis

Instability can come from many reasons whether it was a traumatic event or a genetic factor. Arthritis in the shoulder is typically osteoarthritis and related to more improper movement mechanics, rather than just age.

Who are the types of people we see with shoulder pain?

Client testimonial for sync therapy

Did you hurt yourself playing your sport?  Whether it’s throwing a ball, shooting a puck, or hitting a volleyball, we’re able to help reduce and eliminate the pain that you’re getting

An ICBC client working with a massage therapist after a car accident
Motor Vehicle accidents

Been involved in a car accident that has left you with a shoulder injury? We’re able to work with you and ICBC to get you to feeling better

Using massage to reduce pain in the shoulders with visceral manipulation
Pre and post surgery

Do you have surgery planned? Going into surgery as strong as possible will make the recovery process smoother and easier for yourself! We are also a option if you want to avoid surgery, contact us for a second opinion.

An athletic therapist treating shoulder pain
Office workers

A dislocation is when the shoulder “comes out of the socket” and you need help “putting it back in”. A Subluxation is a very similar sensation but the joint comes close to “coming out” but doesn’t fully, it’s a very uncomfortable and unsettling feeling.

Qualified Therapist

Daryl stubbs is the RMT, athletic therapist, and holsitic nutritionist from sync therapy
Daryl Stubbs

Massage Therapist & Athletic Therapist

7+ years of clinical expierence

We are able to help decrease your shoulder pain either with specific hands-on treatment via Massage therapy and Athletic Therapy. Our Athletic therapist is able to provide you a recovery program for your shoulder injury

There are several ways an Athletic Therapist can help your shoulder injury:

  • Strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Education of how to improve healing – like our “METH Method
  • Show you proper lifting technique
  • Appropriate exercises at the gym
  • Warm-up program for baseball

There are several ways a Massage Therapist can help your shoulder pain:

  • Decrease shoulder pain
  • Decrease muscle spasm
  • Improve range of motion of shoulder
  • Gentle stretching for shoulder range of motion

Many people like the combinational approach that we provide, with massage and athletic therapy. We are able to combine the two types of therapy while improving your recovery of your shoulder pain.

A typical plan may look like:

  1. An Athletic Therapy assessment – This provides you the appropriate exercises to strengthen your shoulder, while you’re not with us
  2. Book a Massage – This helps you by reducing your pain and less stressful for you doing your home exercises. This can be done for 1x a week, 45-60mins for four weeks.
  3. Re-assessment with your Athletic Therapist – This is usually done 4-6 weeks after your initial assessment

Whatever your situation is, we work within it and develop a plan that suits your needs.

These therapies play a major in your recovery without having to use invasive methods. Even if surgery may be required, athletic therapy can help you both before and after to improve healing time and increase your range of motion.

Our team has the experience and expertise to help you recover from a variety of shoulder conditions. They work to reduce pain, increase mobility and help you resume your regular activities as soon as possible. Whether it’s a rotator cuff injury, a dislocated shoulder or any other type of shoulder injury, our therapist can help you improve mobility and get you back to participating in your daily activities.

Get shoulder pain relief with the help of Sync Therapy.

Contact us if you have questions or book now if you’re in Victoria, BC.

You don’t have to live with ongoing shoulder pain!

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