Anxious? These vitamins and minerals might help

Anxiety can be terrible when it happens. There are vitamins and minerals that may be able to help you.
Anxiety can be terrible when it happens. There are vitamins and minerals that may be able to help you.
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Anxious? These vitamins and minerals might help

Magnesium – Glycinate or threonate

You might have heard of magnesium before, it’s needed for over 300+ reactions in the body. It’s pretty important. It seems that most of us seem to be deficient in this mineral. It’s depleted in the soil so it makes it hard to get it from our food if it’s not there. A few magnesium deficiencies can contribute to anxiety, migraines, menstrual cramps, insomnia, muscles tension, constipation, constipation, and even heart disease.

Supplementation seems to be the fastest way to uptake your magnesium levels. There are quite a number of magnesium types, the best magnesium for this is magnesium glycerinate or magnesium L Threonate. It’s generally very safe and well-tolerated but you may develop loose stool ( just decrease your amount you take)  



L-theanine is an amino acid found in green, black, and white teas, and is known for the calming effects of it.

It is wonderful, safe, and effective for helping anxiety. It not only gives you the sense of calm but also improves focus, attention, memory, and learning. It’s a great morning starter in the day


A compromised gut flora seems to be a player in most diseases and anxiety is no different. A good probiotic either from supplement or fermented foods should be part of an anti-anxiety program. Replenishing your “good” gut bugs can allow you to synthesize the neurotransmitter “GABA”. GABA is the primary neurotransmitter that allows us to feel calm, relaxed, and sleepy. A dysbiotic gut can contribute to anxiety and many other diseases and allowing your gut flora to thrive can be a huge boost to your mental health program and decrease your overall anxiety levels.

We prefer whole natural fermented foods like apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, and kimchi to name a couple. You’ll be able to find those in the fridge sections and you’ll want to look for organic and unpasteurized.

Be specific if you’re going to choose a probiotic supplement, there is a lot of marketing tricks that can sell you on something that won’t help.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is gentle, soothing, very calming, and can be effective for anxiety. It has very calming effects and can even help some people with sleep


You’ve probably seen or smelt lavender before, it’s a pretty well-known one. It has great benefit when it comes to anxiety though. It can temporarily alleviate anxiety while not having a sedative effect. Lavender aromatherapy can improve sleep quality, as well as reduce insomnia.

We really like it as a spray mist or aromatherapy in a diffuser for quick ingestion. We definitely suggest that you use it not only when you’re having anxiety but when you’re feeling good. Using it while feeling good gives you a beneficial association and can help compliment the lavender.

You will always want to check with your doctor prior to taking any health products ***

Anxious? These vitamins and minerals might help 1

” I’ve noticed a big difference in my mood and anxiety! “



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