[2023] Best Viome Supplements Review In Canada + Discount Code

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Viome supplements review

Are you looking for insights on how to optimize personal wellness through nutrition and individualized supplements? Look no further. Viome is a revolutionary company that focuses on providing personalized gut microbiome testing, tailored dietary advice, and proprietary supplement blends.

In this Viome Supplements review we’ll be discussing their unique approach to identifying the best nutrition and supplements for you, as well as the benefits of the Viome Test and their Precision Supplements, Probiotics, and Prebiotic Supplements. We will also look at whether or not Viome supplements are worth your money. So let’s dive into what makes Viome stand out from other supplement companies out there.

Key Takeaway: So far every client that I’ve suggested to get the Viome supplements have seen an improvement in their health- this is a better energy level, reducing stress, and a better mood. I would suggest to try them for two months to see full results to see if it’s worth it for you. You can get them cheaper by using the subscription, you’ll get the gut health test plus supplements or probiotics. You can use the discount code “sync15” on your Viome subscriptions


Viome is a wellness company that provides personalized recommendations for improving digestion and overall health based on an individual’s gut microbiome. Their supplements line includes Precision, Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Supplements, which are designed to support gut health and provide a wide range of benefits. In this section, we will take a closer look at the benefits of each of these supplement types.

Precision Supplements

Precision supplements are customized to an individual’s gut microbiome, as determined by Viome’s Gut Intelligence test. These supplements contain a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients tailored to support the balanced growth of healthy gut bacteria. This helps to promote overall gut health and improve digestion, as well as enhance mental clarity and boost energy levels.

According to Viome, the benefits of their Precision supplements include improved nutrient absorption, reduced inflammation, enhanced immunity, and better sleep quality.

These supplements are made with high-quality ingredients and are free of common allergens, making them a great choice for individuals with specific dietary needs.

Probiotic Supplements

Viome’s Probiotic supplements are designed to help support a healthy balance of gut bacteria. These supplements contain a variety of strains of beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which can help to support healthy digestion and strengthen the immune system.

Probiotic supplements can be particularly useful for individuals who have taken antibiotics or experience digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or diarrhea. Viome’s Probiotic supplements are high-quality and carefully formulated to ensure that the beneficial bacteria reach the gut alive and healthy.

Prebiotic Supplements

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Viome’s Prebiotic supplements contain a blend of prebiotic fibers that can help to support the growth of healthy gut bacteria and improve overall digestive health.

Prebiotic supplements can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have a history of digestive issues or those who want to support the health of their gut microbiome. Viome’s Prebiotic supplements are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

Other Supplements

In addition to Precision, Probiotic and Prebiotic supplements, Viome also offers a range of other supplements designed to support overall health and wellness. These supplements include omega-3 fatty acids, collagen, and plant-based protein powders, which can

Viome supplements review

Viome Supplements – A Comprehensive Review

Viome is a health testing company that focuses on the gut microbiome and overall gut health. In addition to their full body intelligence test, Viome also offers a range of precision supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics to help support gut health.

Precision Supplements:

Viome’s precision supplements are formulated based on individual test results from their health intelligence test. These supplements are designed to target specific areas of the gut microbiome that may need support. Viome uses advanced technology to analyze the individual’s gut microbiome to identify areas of concern and determine which ingredients will have the most significant impact.

Probiotics and Prebiotics:

Viome’s probiotic and prebiotic supplements are designed to help restore balance to the gut microbiome. Probiotics are live microorganisms that can provide a range of health benefits when consumed. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Viome’s probiotic and prebiotic supplements are formulated with unique strains of bacteria and fibers that have been shown to enhance gut health.

According to Viome, their supplements can help support gut health by reducing inflammation, improving nutrient absorption, and enhancing the overall diversity of the gut microbiome. Additionally, their products are backed by scientific research and are formulated with high-quality ingredients.

“Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases, and by modulating the microbiome, we can reduce inflammation in the gut and throughout the body.” Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome

Viome Precision Supplements – Unlocking Optimal Health

Viome Precision Supplements are formulated based on the results of the Viome gut intelligence test. The supplements are designed to support your specific nutritional and metabolic needs, based on the unique insights gained from your gut microbiome analysis.

Customized Supplement Recommendation

Viome Precision Supplements are personalized to meet your body’s specific needs, based on the analysis of your gut microbiome. They are formulated to boost the levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body may be lacking through natural intake. By supplementing your gut with optimal nutrition, your body can perform better, which can improve your overall health.

Amino Acid Supplements

Amino acids are important building blocks for the body. They are responsible for muscle building, immunological support and blood sugar level regulation, among other vital functions. Viome Precision Supplements include different amino acid formulations aimed at improving various aspects of the body’s health. The essential amino acid blend is designed to support overall health, while the energy amino acid blend helps improve focus, concentration and energy levels.

Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements

Viome Precision Supplements include various prebiotic and probiotic formulations that aid in maintaining a healthy microbiome. Prebiotics serve as food for beneficial bacteria, allowing them to grow and flourish in your gut. Probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria strains to your gut, helping to restore gut balance and promoting healthy digestion. The Viome Precision Supplements contain various probiotic and prebiotic strains, including lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, aimed at improving gut health and promoting regularity.

Subscription Plan and Additional Testing

Viome offers a subscription plan for its Precision Supplements, which includes access to its AI-powered nutrition platform that utilizes the Viome gut intelligence test to provide unique insights into your gut microbiome. If you decide to take a second test after a period of time, the subscription plan will offer new recommendations based on the changes that have taken place in your gut.

Negative Reviews

While some users have reported the benefits of the supplements, others have reported negative experiences. It’s vital to note that the supplement and blood test have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Viome Precision Supplements are a great way to get the missing nutrition your body needs. However, results vary from person to person, and it’s important to have realistic expectations while using them.”

viome supplements canada

Viome Probiotics and Prebiotics – Balancing Your Gut Microbiome

Viome Probiotics and Prebiotics Balancing Your Gut Microbiome

Your gut microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall health from supporting your immune system to ensuring optimal digestion and even promoting oral health. With Viome’s prebiotics and probiotics supplements, you can easily balance your gut microbiome and maintain its optimal state.

Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics Supplements:

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can help maintain the balance of bacteria in your gut. Viome’s probiotics contain various strains of bacteria that are beneficial to your gut, including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are types of fiber that your body cannot digest. They provide nourishment to the beneficial bacteria in your gut, helping them to grow and thrive. Viome’s prebiotics supplements contain a mix of fibers from various sources, including chicory root, green banana flour, and Jerusalem artichoke.

Viome’s Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplements are Precision-based

Viome’s prebiotics and probiotics supplements are designed to be consumed with precision, based on your individual needs. You can take them alongside your Viome Precision Supplements for a more personalized experience, tailored to your unique gut microbiome.

One user raved about their experience with Viome’s preand probiotics supplements, saying, “I am more committed than ever to my gut health after using Viome supplements. They have made a huge difference in my energy levels, and I just feel better overall.”

Support Your Gut Health with Viome

Viome’s prebiotics and probiotics supplements are just one way to support your gut health. When paired with Viome’s gut microbiome test, stool sample, and health score, you can get a comprehensive picture of your gut health and receive personalized food recommendations to help you maintain optimal gut health.

💡 key Takeaway: With Viome’s prebiotics and probiotics supplements, you can easily balance your gut microbiome and maintain its optimal state. Precision-based supplements designed to be consumed with precision, based on your individual needs.

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Viomes Testing – Insight into Your Health

Viome is more than just a supplement company. It offers full-body intelligence testing through its health intelligence test kit, which includes both at-home test kits and recommendations for precision supplements. By testing a variety of biomarkers, including blood sample and stool samples, Viome provides insights into gut health, immune function, and overall health status.

The Viome test kit analyzes the composition of the microbiome and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and interpret the multitude of data generated. As a result, it provides a comprehensive report on the state of your microbial ecosystem, including what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s neutral.

Precision Supplements

Viome’s precision supplements are formulated based on the results of your gut health test. The supplements contain natural compounds that are selected to address specific imbalances in your gut. These imbalances are identified by analyzing the composition of your microbiome, and the supplements are designed to promote the growth of good bacteria and reduce the presence of harmful ones.

Probiotics and Prebiotics Supplements

Viome’s probiotics and prebiotics supplements are also tailored to the results of your gut health test. Probiotics contain live bacteria that are beneficial for the gut, and prebiotics contain dietary fibers that promote the growth of good bacteria. These supplements are formulated to target specific microbial imbalances, which can lead to better digestion, a stronger immune system, and improved overall health.

Viome’s founder, Naveen Jain, sums up the Viome philosophy: “We believe that the human body is the world’s most complex machine and we are committed to deciphering its mysteries to help people take control of their health and wellness.”

💡 key Takeaway: The Viome health intelligence test kit offers insights into gut health and overall health status. Precision supplements, as well as probiotics and prebiotics supplements, are formulated based on the results of the test, providing personalized solutions to address specific imbalances.

Viome Precision Supplements & Probiotics + Prebiotics

How much do viome supplements cost?

Viome is a company that offers a range of supplements, including custom and precision supplements, as well as probiotic and prebiotic supplements. These supplements are designed to support gut health, improve digestion, and enhance overall well-being. In this section, we will take a closer look at the cost of Viome supplements and what you get for your money.

Custom Supplements:

Viome offers custom supplements based on the results of their at-home testing of the Gut Intelligence test and Full Body Intelligence test. These tests provide personalized recommendations for supplements based on an individual’s microbiome and overall health. The cost of the custom supplements varies depending on the individual’s needs and the supplements recommended. Customers can expect to pay around $89 per month for the custom supplements.

Precision Supplements Complete:

The Precision Supplements Complete pack is designed to provide a comprehensive set of supplements that support overall wellness. This pack includes multiple supplements that target specific areas of the body and overall health. The cost of the Precision Supplements Complete pack is $149 per month, and it includes a detailed guide on how to use the supplements for maximum benefits.

Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements:

Viome also offers a range of probiotic and prebiotic supplements that support gut health and boost the immune system. These supplements are designed to be used daily and can be taken in conjunction with other Viome supplements or on their own. The cost of the probiotic and prebiotic supplements varies depending on the product, with prices ranging from $45 to $60 per bottle.

The cost of Viome supplements may seem pricey, but it is important to remember that the supplements are tailored to each individual’s needs and are based on advanced testing and analysis. Viome’s commitment to precision and personalization sets their supplements apart from their competitors. Additionally, Viome offers a subscription service, which allows customers to save money by receiving regular shipments of their chosen supplements.

💡 key Takeaway: Viome offers a range of supplements, including custom and precision supplements, probiotic and prebiotic supplements, that are designed to support gut health, improve digestion, and boost overall well-being. The cost of the supplements varies depending on the product, with custom supplements costing around $89 per month, Precision Supplements Complete costing $149 per month and the probiotic and prebiotic supplements costing between $45 to $60 per bottle.

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How To Take Viome Supplements?

the best way to take their Precision Supplements is to ensure that you are getting all of the helpful supplements that your body needs to repair its gut in the optimal dosages. The website also provides instructions for taking their Probiotics for Gut Health, which involves mixing the powder with a glass of water, juice, or protein shake each day. It is important to note that Viome Precision Supplements are available through a separate subscription after test results are released. Additionally, the website provides tips on how to make taking supplements a habit that sticks.

Viome offers a variety of personalized supplements to enhance your health and improve your gut microbiome. Here’s a guide on how to take viome supplements.

Download the Viome App

Before you order any supplements, you need to take the Viome gut intelligence test. The Viome app is the platform for the test and is available on both Android and iPhone platforms. The app provides you with personalized nutrition recommendations based on your gut microbiome test results.

Order Viome Precision Supplements

After taking the gut intelligence test, you’ll get your results and see which nutrients your body needs. Viome then recommends a Precision Supplement package including the exact supplements you should take to address the deficiencies they found. Viome creates each individual supplement package according to the specific needs of each person’s body.

Order Viome Probiotic Supplements

Viome Probiotic Supplements contain over 20 clinically studied probiotic strains, which help to maintain your gut microbiome’s balance. The supplements are available in capsules that are easy to swallow.

Order Viome Prebiotic Supplements

Viome’s Prebiotic Supplements contain a blend of prebiotic fibers that are essential food for the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome. The prebiotic supplements come in strawberry-flavored gummies to help support gut health and overall well-being.

Customize Your Supplement Packs

You have the option to further customize your supplement packs to fit your needs. You can choose specific supplements based on the Viome personalized nutrition recommendations for you. You can also modify the supplement quantities in your pack so that you can get exactly what you need.

Choose Supplement Packages

Viome also offers Supplement Packages that combine Precision Supplements, Probiotic Supplements and Prebiotic Supplements in one package. These packages make it easier for people who just want to follow their nutrition recommendations, without having to mix and match different supplements.

💡 key Takeaway: Viome offers personalized supplements designed to help support your gut microbiome and overall health. Download the Viome app to take the gut intelligence test and get personalized nutrition recommendations. Once you receive your results, you can order Precision Supplements, Probiotic Supplements or Prebiotic Supplements to address specific deficiencies in your gut microbiome. You can also customize or choose supplement packages to fit your needs, making it easy to follow your personalized nutrition recommendations.

Viome Supplements Discount code 

Viome Supplements Discount Code: “sync15” – 15% off the first 6 months – Subscription Deal

Saving Money on Viome supplements cuts down the costs over the months while getting the same quality ingredients and products. You can save even more by using a Viome discount code at checkout.

You can also use this as a military discount too.

Promo or Discount codes

  • sync20” – $20 Off
  • sync50” -$50 Off Full Body Intelligence Test
  • sync55” – $55 off Full Body Intelligence Test
  • sync50%” – Buy 1 Full Body Intelligence, Get the 2nd one for 50% off
  • sync15” – 15% off the first 6 months – Subscription Deal

What is a Viome Discount Code?

Viome discount codes are promotional codes that provide a discount on your order when you apply them at checkout. You can find these codes online or by signing up for the Viome mailing list, and they can be applied to all products on the Viome website, including precision, probiotics, prebiotics, and other supplements.

How to Use a Viome Discount Code?

Using a Viome discount code is easy. Once you have selected the items you want, you can enter the code at checkout. The discount will be applied to your order immediately, and you will be able to see your savings before you complete your purchase.

Why Use a Viome Discount Code?

Using a Viome discount code can help you save money on the products you need to support your health. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can get the supplements you need without breaking the bank.

By using these or other Viome discount codes, you can get high-quality supplements at a reduced cost.

💡 key Takeaway: Using a Viome discount code ” sync 15” can help you save money on precision, probiotics, prebiotics, and other supplements that can support your health.

Viome supplements According to Reddit

Viome’s supplements contain a wide range of ingredients, including prebiotics, probiotics, and other nutrients. Some users have reported positive experiences with Viome’s supplements and services, claiming that they have improved their gut health. However, others have criticized the company’s customer service and the long processing times for results and supplements.

Overall, the reviews of Viome’s supplements and services on Reddit are mixed. Some users have had positive experiences with the company, while others have had negative experiences with delayed processing times and supplements that contain too many ingredients. It is important to note that the opinions expressed on Reddit are subjective and may not be representative of the general population’s experiences with Viome.


In conclusion, viome supplements prove to be an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their gut health. The precision supplements provide tailored, personalized solutions based on your gut microbiome results, while the probiotics and prebiotic supplements further support a healthy digestive system. Viome supplements are backed by scientific research and are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. So why not invest in your gut health today? Visit the official Viome website to learn more about their range of supplements and how you can benefit from them. Don’t wait, take the first step towards a healthy gut and a healthier you!

How Does Viome Work?

Using cutting-edge technology, Viome analyzes the unique composition of your gut microbes through a simple stool sample, blood sample, and saliva samples which are dependent on which viome test kits you choose. The test looks at the genes expressed by the microbes in your gut, identifying which bacteria are present and at what levels. Additionally, Viome tests for other factors including viruses, fungi, and parasites and uses this to give you a personalized list of foods to eat and different lifestyle recommendations. Once the test results are analyzed, Viome provides you with personalized recommendations to improve your microbiome and overall health. These recommendations include dietary guidelines and supplements tailored to your unique microbiome composition. In short, Viome offers a comprehensive analysis of your gut health with highly personalized recommendations to optimize your health and wellbeing.

How to take viome supplements?

Viome offers Precision Supplements that are custom-made formulas uniquely engineered for every customer based on their test results.

These supplements are designed to help repair the gut and improve gut function.

The supplements include extracts, amino acids, prebiotics, and probiotics.

The recommended supplements are shipped to you in a sleek box each month.

You can mix the powder with a glass of water, juice, or protein shake each day and enjoy.To make supplements a habit that sticks, Viome recommends following the directions that come with the supplements.

Viome also recommends easing into the supplements and making sure to get enough food and water to help the body get accustomed to taking them. You can also take the supplements with food, if you want.

These personalized supplement recommendations are easy to take and form a habit in my opinion.

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