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So you want to be healthy but where do you start? We'eve compiled a list of the top articles for health, food, and mental health
So you want to be healthy but where do you start? We'eve compiled a list of the top articles for health, food, and mental health
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health articles

So you want to be healthy but where do you start

Health – 

It’s Time to Study Whether Eating Particular Diets Can Help Heal Us “ – 

A careful scientific examination of diet as medicine is now long overdue in oncology, and in most fields of medicine. There’s an interaction of our diets with our gut microbes that remains to be examined, and the impact of diet on longevity, on neurological diseases or even on mental states.

The Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance You Haven’t Heard About

What does anemia, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, and depression have in common?

In one study, researchers found a strong link between gluten sensitivity and neurological complications—especially those in which the cause was unknown.

Recipe and Food- 

The Fat Burning Chocolate Avocado Pudding You Can Make In Minutes 

Who would have thought you could make a delicious dessert out of an incredibly healthy ingredient anyway?  This surprised me just as much as it’s probably going to surprise you. You need to try this incredible Chocolate Avocado Pudding! 

Vinegar Is Good for You

They also got slimmer, losing up to nearly an inch off their waist, suggesting they were losing abdominal fat.

Mental Health – 

3 Surprising Ways Hugging Benefits Your Well-Being

In a recent study by Murphy Et al. (2018), several hundred adults were called every night for two weeks and asked about conflicts with other people in their lives, whether they felt in a good or bad mood, and whether they had received one or more hugs that day. Ninety-three percent of volunteers indicated that they had received a hug on at least one of the interview days, and 69 percent of volunteers had experienced at least one conflict with another person on one of the interview days

These Bacteria May Be the Key to Treating Clinical Depression

Gut microbes have been found to affect the brain through the immune system and hormone pathways as well.

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