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Perfectly balanced healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan by Daryl Stubbs – certified holistic nutritionist & lifestyle coach.
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    Daryl provides holsitic nutrition in victoria for Sync Therapy

    Daryl Stubbs

    Certified holistic nutritionist & lifestyle coach

    Our health is being challenged like never before in history, you’ve seen the headlines “Our food and lifestyle are making us sick and fat”. Add this to our ever-increasing stress levels from work and media, and our decreases in sleep.

    This is why it’s important to find a nutritionist that you trust and can collaborate with to improve your health

    The need for proper nourishment, movement, and self-care is pressing and under-appreciated.

    If you’re struggling with what to do or not sure where to turn to, you’ve made the first step along your path to feeling better.

    I can help you improve your life by optimizing your food choices, sleep quality, and showing you the healthy habits to get the results you want.

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    I can set you up with a strategic plan that achieves your goals and desires without it being overwhelming and stressful

    100% money back guarantee
    If you don't think your custom plan is right for you, we will give you your money back
    Long lasting results
    You're given the tools to incorporate our suggestions into your life long-term
    No strict restrictions
    Not ready to give up chocolate, wine, or something else? Don't. We can still get results without restrictions
    Easy to follow plans
    We work with you to develop a suitable plan for your goal
    Scientifically supported supplements
    We don't push supplements but you can trust us when we do that they will have science behind them.
    Unique plans for you
    There's no cookie-cutter approach here. We spend time with you to develop a plan tailored to your life

    Real people. Real results.

    Check out what clients say about me!

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    Nutrition Programs Tailored To You

    Get healthy

    Start to take back your life

    Complex conditions

    Food and lifestyle are powerful ways to control your disease and not have it control you


    A program to get the most out of your training program
    Someone with IBS and constipation working with a nutritionist

    Improved digestion

    Tired of living by the toilet, not being able to poop, or just want to feel better?

    Specific diseases

    • IBS
    • Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis
    • Celiac disease
    • Diverticulitis
    • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    Common symptoms

    • Gas
    • Bloating
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Pain in the belly or stomach
    • Heartburn
    • Indigestion

    Most people don’t like to talk about it, but having a gastrointestinal problem is common.

    There’s no need to suffer in silence, though.

    We help you recover from the most prevalent digestive conditions, symptoms, and use nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to help you feel better faster. If you suspect or you have one of these issues, don’t delay in speaking with our Nutritionist today

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    Brain Health

    Did you know that anxiety and depression are correlated to inflammation? We love talk therapy but it can only do so much if you’re hiddenly inflamed and have a poor diet
    • Mental healthdepression and anxiety
    • Can’t get out of your head
    • Your thoughts control you
    • Brain fog
    • Trouble concentration
    • Poor memory
    • Concussion symptoms that aren’t going away
    • Rumination – focusing on one’s problems, the repetitive thoughts
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Trouble unwinding at bedtime
    • Sadness

    If you’re tired of struggling with these and want your life back, it’s time to choose a professional.

    You don’t have to “live with it” or “get over it”, or not “seek help” because other people have it worse off.

    it’s time to take back your life today!

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    A person with anxiety and depression works with a nutritionist to feel better
    Someone with chronic pain in victoria

    Chronic Pain

    Whether it’s your whole body or a specific area such as your back… we can help
    • Chronic low back pain – we can create a nutrition program and our RMT can tailor massages specifically for your low back pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Chronic headaches or neck tension
    • Nerve pain
    • Chronic sciatica
    • Interstitial cystitis
    • Chronic pain
    • Sleep troubles
    • Pain from a car accident –  Be sure to work with an RMT if you’ve been involved in a recent accident

    Have a plan developed for you and your sport to get you to the next level. Diet and lifestyle play an important process in optimizing your skill.

    Training is important but you’re only as good as you recovery. I’m an athlete myself, I know what it takes to push yourself. I’ve been MVP at Western Canadians for baseball and to Madrid to be coached by the Real Madrid coaches

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    — questions & answers —

    Common Questions

    I don’t want every client that needs a nutritionist. I have a certain set of skills that works well for my clients. I want you to feel confident that when we work together, you will get results


    There are more questions and answers at the bottom of the page

    When will I see first results?
    It depends! You should be able to see results in a couple of weeks and major changes in 1-2 months
    Will I have your help?
    Heck yes! We're available via email and phone if you are stuck or have questions
    Are your programs safe fo my health?
    I work with you, your doctor, and any medications that you're on to provide the safest program we can!
    Are your programs safe fo my health?
    I work with you, your doctor, and any medications that you're on to provide the safest program we can!
    Do you focus on weight loss?
    If you are strictly wanting to lose weight, I'm not the best person for that. Though weight loss is common, it's a secondary marker and not the main focus. I'd be glad to refer you to a holistic nutritionist that focuses on that. I would suggest looking at however
    Do I have to exercise?
    You don't have to do anything you don't want to but exercising has too many benefits not to be suggested. I find ways to make exercise fun or not have it feel like a chore!
    Will I have any restrictions?
    I never tell what you can and can't have, I'm not your parent. I may offer suggestions of something to eliminate but no, you don't have to give up your cheese, chocolate, or wine
    I don't want to change my diet
    That's fine! I might suggest a few foods to add but there are other aspects in your life that can still give you results
    Do i have to count calories
    No. I believe counting calories makes it harder to have a healthy relationship with food. I may show you how to find appropriate portions but I won't get you to count calories

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    Pricing Plans

    Its time to commit to yourself and start feeling well again

    Daryl provides holsitic nutrition in victoria for Sync Therapy

    Daryl Stubbs

    Certified holistic nutritionist.

    Lifestyle coach.


    “I’ve had first-hand experience dealing with digestive issues, severe acne, sleep troubles, and anxiety. I’ve transformed my self with diet and lifestyle changes and I want to show you how to feel great in your body. I take great pride in working with my clients to feel amazing and showing what your body is capable of doing.”

    — improve your life—

    Still not sure if I can help? Send me a message with what you’re hoping to achieve by working with a holistic nutritionist

      Choosing a holistic nutritionist is more than just finding someone who understands food. Finding one that understands how to tailor a plan to your lifestyle without the stress will provide you long-lasting results. I suggest that you send me a message and we can chat to see if we’re the right fit for each other – It’s free to talk!

      It's time to eat good & feel good!

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      Nutrition 1

      Daryl is awesome! Very thorough, gets right down to the route of the problem. I’d recommend him to anyone!!

      Nutrition 1

      Just had an amazing massage treatment!Definitely going back…

      Nutrition 1

      I would recommend Daryl to anyone. He is so passionate about his work and really cares for his clients.

      Nutrition 1

      Daryl is great to work with when it comes to post knee replacement, for me. Offers several ideas of things to try and I find usually most or a combination work well.Thanks for listening to my complaints and helping relieve pain.

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      Making a change or finding the right person for the job is scary. Take away the fear by sending me a message and seeing if I can help. I’ll be honest, if we’re not the right fit or I can’t get the results you want – I will tell you! Send me a message today!

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      What is holistic nutrition?

      Holistic nutrition is all about eating healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and wellbeing.

      Hallmarks of holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods. It’s an approach to eating that very consciously considers everything that’s eaten and focuses on eating for health above all else.

      I'm not ready to change my diet, can you still help?


      Most of our clients don’t actually start with a full diet change. I typically suggest a diet for you and you can learn about that diet at your pace. We usually focus on important foods to incorporate, foods that are making you feel like crap, and other lifestyle things to focus on – better routines, better mental health practices, and fun movement-based exercise.

      What's the difference between holistic nutrition and dietician?

      A Holistic Nutritionist, is a health practitioner trained specifically in nutrition, and nutrition-related interventions – sleep, exercise, mindfulness.

      Holistic Nutritionists are trained to help with a variety of concerns and symptoms, as well as general lifestyle support – we focus on mental health, chronic pain, and sleep problems.

      The word “holistic” simply means that we take a holistic perspective to health, understanding how diet, lifestyle, environment, mental and emotional wellbeing all play a role in one’s health and all work together. Though, the term holistic to be increasingly less meaningful, like many practitioners, in many fields today have a holistic perspective.

      “Nutritionist” is a confusing term. “Nutritionist” is an unregulated term and can be used by anyone. You will see both Holistic Nutritionists and Dietitians use this term, along with others who may not be certified or registered. A certified or registered nutritionist will have designation behind their name. You will see RD, for Registered Dietitians or the designation CNP or RHN for Certified Holistic Nutritionists.

      The difference between a Registered Dietitian and a Holistic Nutritionist is mainly the training, schooling, and philosophy, which relates to the context within which each practice. Holistic Nutritionists are trained to work in private practice, and/or for larger organizations within the private sector. The training is heavily focused on 1:1 or group coaching, individualized and personalized health, with a very food-focused approach to nutrition (i.e. cooking, prepping, how to work with food, instead of focusing on isolated nutrients). The training is limited in that it does NOT set you up to work within the public sector, within the healthcare system (i.e. hospitals, community health centres), or work with high-level clinical nutrition (i.e. tube-feeding etc. or medical/complex diseased states). The training to become a dietitian is longer and more extensive as it sets you up to work with much more complex cases that need a deeper understanding of nutrition within the healthcare system. Registered Dietitians also work in private practice, and this is a space we both share.

      For more information, you can look at CSNN and the Registered dietitians websites

      Do you do meal plans?

      No, I don’t.

      I don’t do a 7-day meal plan but I do give you plenty of recipe ideas for you to choose from – breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and obviously snacks! If you want a meal plan to follow, we have great people we refer to for that! You can also look at Forks over Knives meal planner or NOOM are ones I routinely suggest

      When should you see a holistic nutritionist and how often?

      Well, it really depends!

      It depends on your goals, your level of change, how much accountability you need, and how long it’s been happening 

      I suggest chatting with me at least 3x though, the “take your plan and go” strategy doesn’t work long-term. You’re making a change and you’ve come to me because you need help. I’m able to help educate the ways to make the change, for the long-term

      People need guidance to start something new, this is why I suggest 3 sessions. I do the in-depth initial assessment and then suggest 2 follow-ups about 3-4 weeks apart. During that time in between, you have access to me via email for any questions that pop up or struggles that occur.

      Whatever your situation is, I work within it, while being open and honest with you.