Natural Anxiety panic attacks

Naturally Beat Panic Attacks

5 ways to naturally bring down a panic attack. These suggestions may help you overcome the frightening episode
5 ways to naturally bring down a panic attack. These suggestions may help you overcome the frightening episode
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Panic attacks

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Panic attacks are sudden, intense surges of fear, panic, or anxiety (or all the above). They are pretty overwhelming, they may not have a noticeable trigger, and they have physical (and emotional) symptoms.

They can range from difficulty getting a breath in, excessive sweating, trembling, and the heart pounding sensations.

Panic attacks are pretty scary with the sensations and how fast it can come on. Here are 10 techniques that you can use to try to stop a panic attack if you feel one coming on

Focus on the nervous system: Use deep breathing

Hyperventilating is a pretty common symptom of panic attacks that can increase fear but the deep breathing can help reduce the symptoms during an attack.

If you’re having trouble getting a breath in try breathing in a good posture ( sitting tall, neck/shoulders slightly back). Once other thing that you can do is to press around your solar plexus (middle section under the ribs). This will most likely be pretty tender, so start slowly and take some gentle breathes into the pain.

Recognize that you’re having a panic attack

By recognizing that you’re having a panic attack and not something like a heart attack (You’ll definitely need to confirm that/know the difference), you’ll be able to remind yourself that it is temporary, it will pass, it will be better than last time, and you’ll be okay.

Taking away that fear can allow you to focus on other techniques to reduce your symptoms

Focus on visualization: close your eyes

Some panic attacks may be worsened by environment. It can be a fast-paced environment, loud noises, or even bright lights.

You can put yourself in a different environment with your mind – a beach, the jungle, or playing with puppies. Try the breathing while your eyes are closed as well.

Use essential oils: Lavender

Different essential oils can offer calming effects that may help you relax and slow down. We personally like the lavender as spray, on a essential oil bracelet, or in the diffuser.

Lavender should not be combined with benzodiazepines. This combination can cause intense drowsiness.

Try light exercise – 21 minutes

Exercise will help you feel better but it will flood your body with mood boosting endorphins. There’s some research that believes the increase in body heat ( a natural result of exercise) that it may alter the neural circuits controlling cognitive function and moods. Researchers believe this response can boost your mood, increase relaxation, and even alleviate anxiety disorders.

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