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Areas we can help

Chronic Pain

Neck, shoulder, hip, knee or back pain is the most common sources of pain that we see. 

Mental Health

A relaxing massage can be great for your overall health and well-being.

Autoimmune Conditions

Rotator cuff, ankle sprains, or pinched nerved in your neck? Massage therapy can help

Read below for more a specific list...

Health Coach in Victoria

Our health is being challenged like never before in history, you’ve seen the headlines “Our food and lifestyle are making us sick and fat”. Add this to our ever increasing stress levels from work and media, and our decreases in sleep.

The need for proper nourishment, movement, and self-care is pressing and under appreciated. If you’re struggling with what to do or not sure where to turn to, you’ve made the first step along your path to feeling better. 

Our health coach focus on you and your goals. We can help you with chronic pain relief, stabilize your mood, and help you take back your health and life.

Are you not looking or needing the full accountability and need a great plan for you? Take a look at our Holistic Nutrition page!

Our health coach is also a holistic nutritionist and can set up a plan until you're ready for a large change

We’re conveniently located in Downtown Victoria at 10-920 Johnson. It’s at the intersection of Quadra and Johnson in the same building as Alert First aid

Find out more about your Victoria Health Coach, Daryl 

Sync Therapy Advantage

Easy to book and convenient schedule

No more calling and being put on hold or waiting for a call back. Don't want to miss work? We have evening times. Have a day off? We have day times for you. Our easy to use software allows you to book when it works for you. You're able to book multiple sessions in advance, so you can get the time you want


Check your insurance plan to see if you have coverage for a "Registered holistic nutritionist or a Certified holistic nutrition coach". It may be under "nutritionist, registered nutritionist, or your health spending account" 

Always confirm prior to your session, if it's possible. 

Cancel or reschedule free of charge

Life comes up, we get it. Reschedule as many times as you want with our easy to use online software or cancel if you're sick. You can do this as many times as you want as long as it's not within 24 hours of your treatment.

What Sync Therapy can help you with?

Back pain victoria

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is multifaceted and besides the physical pain, it comes with a slew of other symptoms. It can come with emotional ups and downs, insomnia, fatigue, and mood problems like anxiety, depression, and irritability. As your health coach, I can help show you how to improve these through diet and lifestyle. I'll be right beside on your health journey to improve you pain, health, and getyour life back so you're not limited in what you can do.  

Mental Health

Research recognizes that ongoing, chronic stress, either positive or negative can lead to depletion of nutrients, illness, aggravation of existing disease conditions, which accelerates your anxiety.

Your brain is always “on.” It takes care of your thoughts and movements, your breathing and heartbeat, your senses — it's always there, even during sleep! This means your brain requires constant fuel aka food. What you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain and, ultimately, your mood.

We know that serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate your sleep, appetite, mediates your moods, and can inhibit pain. About 95% of your serotonin is produced in your gastrointestinal tract, and your gastrointestinal tract is lined with a hundred million nerve cells, so it makes sense that the digestive system don’t just help you digest food, but also guide your emotions and mood.

The function of these nerve cells, and the production of different neurotransmitters such as serotonin, are highly influenced by the billions of "beneficial bacteria" in our  intestinal microbiome.  These play a large role in our health - sleep, pain, and mood included. They also ensure a strong barrier against the "bad" bacteria, help fight against inflammation, and absorb your nutrients from food.

Athletic Therapy Massage Victoria

Autoimmune conditions

Autoimmune conditions such as hypothyroid, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Multiple Sclerosis, or Fibromyalgia. Contrary to many popular beliefs there is no one diet for someone with an autoimmune condition, however, there are foods that cause inflammation in a significant percentage of people with it according to numerous peer-reviewed studies.  We help you identify and eliminate those foods and slowly incorporate them back into your life to form a robust, wholesome, personalized (and delicious!) protocol.

Work with an Holistic Nutritionist

Don't need the long-term commitment of a health coach but still want the benefits of working with an expert? Take a look at our holistic nutritionist, he's able to help you

Meet our team

Meet Daryl, the owner of Sync Therapy and your Health Coach in Victoria BC

Client reviews

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our happy clients

Team Canada

I came to Sync Therapy 3 months after having shoulder surgery from a chronic sports injury. Daryl was instrumental in helping me gain back my mobility and add strength, to help me return to professional sport. Not only does he treat the area where the source of the injury is, but he is meticulous in assessing other areas of deficiencies that may be aiding in pain. He has listened to all my concerns with care and answered all of my questions with an undeniable knowledge base making me feel at ease with my progress and motivated to continue through challenging therapy. Since I have moved to Toronto, Daryl has been in constant contact just to see how I am progressing, and he has provided a tremendous amount of support through the physical and mental battles of re-injury. I would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone who has a sports injury, or those seeking treatment for everyday aches and pains as Daryl goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are healthy both mind and body

Business Owner

Getting hurt is a part of having an active lifestyle – accidents happen. But until I started to see Daryl at Sync Therapy I thought living with these injuries was a part of that lifestyle. Daryl has help me through chronic ankle and knee pain and designed a recovery plan and more importantly an injury prevention plan that fits my lifestyle. I have found his advice, knowledge, and attention to detail second to none. Thanks Daryl and Sync Therapy for all your help!


Daryl is such a wealth of information.. he goes above and beyond every time I see him, and is so easy to talk to and non-judgemental! He does a super solid job at looking at the big picture and understands how interconnected the body’s systems are. I for sure would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone. Plus, a super accommodating schedule makes it easy to get in when you actually need it most

3 month plan

Long-term plan for chronic disease management.




  • 12 Private coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email and messenger support
  • Complete program - diet, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations
  • Long-term accountability
  • Payment plans accepted 
6 weeks

This is ideal for a full body massage. That way we can treat each other with the care you deserve 




  • 6 Private Coaching Sessions
  • Email and Messenger Support
  • Complete program - diet, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations
  • Convenient schedule
  • In-person or online available

Learn about your Health coach

massage therapist victoria

Owner and Health Coach

Daryl Stubbs

Daryl graduated from the Camosun College, obtaining his Bachelors of Athletic and Exercise Therapy Degree in 2013.

In 2017, he became a Registered Massage Therapist as well as being a Certified Athletic Therapist

In 2018, Daryl graduated from Canada's leading holistic nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Daryl’s clinical experience includes injury rehabilitation, exercise prescription, stress reduction, and improving health. 

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