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I’M Daryl Stubbs, your new health and nutrition coach

Our health is being challenged like never before in history, you’ve seen the headlines “Our food and lifestyle are making us sick and fat”. Add this to our ever increasing stress levels from work and media, and our decreases in sleep. The need for proper nourishment, movement, and self-care is pressing and under appreciated.

If you’re struggling with what to do or not sure where to turn to, you’ve made the first step along your path to feeling better. 

I’m able to guide you on your path to taking back your life 

How often do you find yourself?

• Confused what to do to reach your goals

• Anxiety, low mood, or thoughts control your life

• Health struggles that you can’t figure out by yourself

• Mind Constantly Racing with Persistent Negative Thoughts

• Overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there

• Emotional, Hypersensitive or Irritable with Friends, Family or Colleagues

• Autoimmune, Chronic pain,  Digestive Problems, IBS, or troubles with your mood

Why a Health coach?

Our health and chronic disease epidemic is reaching staggering heights, but did you know that the majority of those illnesses—over 85 percent, in fact—are driven by our behavior and environment, not our genes? That means we all have the power to prevent or reverse chronic illness just by adopting healthier habits.

It sounds simple but, change is anything but easy. It takes drive, motivation, and strategy to change our habits—especially if we’ve been doing things a certain way for a long, long time.

Most of all, it takes support—and that’s where health coaches excel.

What do health coaches

We know we should make healthy choices like exercising, getting plenty of rest, not smoking, eating more vegetables, and drinking in moderation – or not at all.

Despite this, few of us actually do in Canada. There’s even reports of only 6% of Americans adhere to the five healthy behaviours 

It’s not a lack of information; It’s that most people lack the strategy and support needed to change a habit, even if they know they need to do it for their health

Health coaches are highly trained professionals who draw on their skills personally and professionally to support their clients as they work through those changes.

  • We use our knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you implement your health plan plans.
  • We utilize positive psychology and the stages of behaviour change to replace old habits.
  • Most importantly, we build relationships with our clients based on trust, communication, and unwavering support.

My Specialties


I can help you get rid of your cravings, reduce inflammation, improve your gut, and most importantly help you feel better

Resilitent mindset

We know we should eat better and exercise more. Why can't we though? Having the proper mindset allows you to make these changes. The strongest factor to feel better is the 6 inches between your ears

Tailored plan to you

You've got a life, I get it. There's no point to give you an extra 25 things to do on top of your 101 things. We can create a plan that fits your lifestyle without adding stress or overwhelm you

Safe exercise plan

Being trained as an Athletic Therapist and Massage Therapist, I know the exercises that will be safe for your body.

Mental Health

Are you tired of anxiety, depression, or highs and lows of your mood? I can show you the foods that are beneficial while showing you different tips to be happier. This is where I've made my biggest personal change

Limiting beliefs

Most of the time, we find it difficult to follow through with things in life because, in our subconscious minds, we have limiting beliefs that are holding us back.


Are you tired of anxiety, depression, or highs and lows of your mood? I can show you the foods that are beneficial while showing you different tips to be happier. This is where I've made my biggest personal change


There's nothing worse than feeling good for a couple weeks with your new plan and then it dwindle away quickly. Having a plan and a program along with coach can increase your productivity by 88%

Do I need a Health Coach?

You’ve achieved a lot in life so far, but you need help getting to the next level. When facing a major decision about getting your health back, a Health Coach can offer you sound, unbiased guidance. While you can learn what to do from family, friends, and the internet, a health coach can help determine what actually works for you and decipher from poor information. A health coach can help set a plan to minimize the “inner voices” of doubt 

If you already have a vision of what you want, we can help create an actionable plan to execute it and keep you accountable on your goal. Your coach is trained to know the strategies for success and frameworks that get you results. Your coach has used these methods personally, for their own success. We don’t need more information to make a decision, we need a strategic plan to execute.

Do you start a plan that you made yourself and feel great for a couple weeks or a month but then you fall off the tracks? We can be your accountability coach, so you keep the progress that you’ve worked very hard to start. Success takes work, dedication, and time. Your Health coach not only helps you set goals and make an action plan, but also consistently provides a supportive tip, tool, or strategy to make progress.


Time is the most important thing, we can’t get it back. 

A health coach can help you achieve more with less. You’ll actually be 88% more effective if you have a coach  

If you don’t have time or resources to waste as you strive towards your goals, your health coach can help you achieve more with less by finding solutions to plateaus or challenges your facing, helping you stay motivated to get your end game faster. Your health coach will show you that you don’t need more resources, but you need to maximize your resourcefulness.

If you know what you want but you’re having trouble acting in ways that get you there, your health coach can help support you make better decisions and cut out those self-destructive habits.


You just don’t know where to start. There are some many things to do and you hear so many options to do. We can help clarify and pick the right decision for you at the time, without adding extra stress or mental fatigue


Awesome! You’ve made a great start. We can help make small tweaks to your plan that can give you an extra boost to get you to your destination.


Areas where I excel

Mental Health

Are you tired of living with anxiety or depression. How would you if you feel if you could overcome these or have them more manageable and that they didn’t limit your life. What would you do if you could just be happy for no reason?​

Healthy Living

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? There are simple ways to don’t require a lot of time or effort to help you feel better ​

Goal Oriented

Do you have something that you want to work towards? Maybe it’s improving your skin, sleeping better, losing weight, getting rid of brain fog, not being sick, or improving your fitness. There are things that you wouldn’t think that diet and lifestyle play a huge role in such as stiff and achy joints, back pain, and even allergies. ​

Autoimmune Disease

Have you been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune condition such as ​MS, Crohns and ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, or fibromyalgia. Finding out you have an autoimmune disease is overwhelming.

Chronic Pain

You can probably manage your pain, you’re use to it by now. You don’t have to live with it, however. There are ways to drastically reduce your pain, so you can start to enjoy living. It’s time to take back your life

Healthy Aging

Are you starting to realize that your body isn’t the same as it use to be? Does your body not recover like it use to, do you find it harder to get through the day, or do you just want to age beautifully?

Our happy clients

Trusted By

Testimonial [noun]: A written testimonial about a product, service, or person where they have to tell everyone how great it is 

Massage Therapy Victoria

Shanice M

Team Canada

I came to Sync Therapy 3 months after having shoulder surgery from a chronic sports injury. Daryl was instrumental in helping me gain back my mobility and add strength, to help me return to professional sport. Not only does he treat the area where the source of the injury is, but he is meticulous in assessing other areas of deficiencies that may be aiding in pain. He has listened to all my concerns with care and answered all of my questions with an undeniable knowledge base making me feel at ease with my progress and motivated to continue through challenging therapy. Since I have moved to Toronto, Daryl has been in constant contact just to see how I am progressing, and he has provided a tremendous amount of support through the physical and mental battles of re-injury. I would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone who has a sports injury, or those seeking treatment for everyday aches and pains as Daryl goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are healthy both mind and body

Massage Victoria

Paul Girn

Business Owner

Getting hurt is a part of having an active lifestyle – accidents happen. But until I started to see Daryl at Sync Therapy I thought living with these injuries was a part of that lifestyle. Daryl has help me through chronic ankle and knee pain and designed a recovery plan and more importantly an injury prevention plan that fits my lifestyle. I have found his advice, knowledge, and attention to detail second to none. Thanks Daryl and Sync Therapy for all your help!

Massage Victoria

Kelly H.


Daryl is such a wealth of information.. he goes above and beyond every time I see him, and is so easy to talk to and non-judgemental! He does a super solid job at looking at the big picture and understands how interconnected the body’s systems are. I for sure would recommend Sync Therapy to anyone. Plus, a super accommodating schedule makes it easy to get in when you actually need it most

Massage Therapy Victoria

Wayne D.J.


I’ve known Daryl for years now, not only do I trust him with my body, I trust him with my family and friends. I send everyone I know who wants to fix their injury, improve their sport, or just become healthier. He goes above and beyond what’s expected of your typical therapist and cares about your long-term health. I recommend Daryl and Sync Therapy to everyone I know

Your Investment | Our Packages

3 months of coaching

This is for autoimmune, chronic pain, and our clients who want long-term results

6 weeks

This is beneficial for improving your health, improving mood, and our goal-oriented clients

Custom Diet package

Are you wanting to know a specific diet for your health concerns? We can show you the diets that work for your body!

Our Wellness program

We know you’re here for accountability, and this is part of it. We don’t want you to quit before you hit your goals. We also want solutions that last. We want you to get great results now — that you keep for the rest of your life. In fact, most of our clients decide to stick with us for a full year or more, just to keep the positive changes coming and keep life stress free and simple. From vacation to life on the road, we adapt to your needs.

Download our

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What areas do we focus on?

Build Your Physical Health

Create a Resilient Mind

Develop Strong Emotional Well-being

  • Exercise Routines that fit your life
  • Diet Recommendations that get to the root cause
  • Understand what foods are good for your body (and what aren't)
  • Learn how to use food as medicine
  • Poor Levels of Concentration or Increased Forgetfulness
  • Hyperventilating, Heart Palpitations, Digestive Problems, IBS, Headaches, Sweating
  • Lose your Constantly Racing with Persistent Negative Thoughts
  • Stress, Excessive Worry, Fears and Phobias
  • Panic Attacks or Anxiety Attacks, Social Anxiety
  • Build confidence
  • Feel in control of your life
  • Did you know that you can earn an extra $29,000 a year by increasing your emotional intelligence
  • Emotional, Hypersensitive or Irritable with Friends, Family or Colleagues
  • Understand what foods are good for your body (and what aren't)
  • Learn how to use food as medicine

Here's what happens when you .

  • Improve your mental well-being

    You could lose your anxiety, learn how to deal with anxiety, become a master of your own thoughts, and silence the constant internal stream of negative mental chatter.

  • Be confident and happy

    You could be confident, content, and just happy in life... for no reason

  • Control your symptoms or get to the real cause

    You can learn how to manage your symptoms or get to the root cause of why it happens

  • Take control of your life

    We give our power away too often. It's time grab that power back, feel empowered, and feel like our "old self".

  • Long-term results

    Learn the principles from top health experts so you don't ever need another coach again. These are the skills that you can take with you for life!

  • Get your health and life back

    You can expect to see results quickly. It doesn't matter if you have a specific "dis-ease or want to feel better, results will happen with our 3 month coaching program

Your Health, our passion

Our Packages

Instead of quick fixes that don't stick, we play the long-term game and require a 6-week minimum commitment (of course, you can stay as longer). Why? Because we’ve helped hundreds of people and have found that it requires 6-months for 95% of people to hit their goals.

The transformation

6 Week program
$ 789 One time charge
  • 6 Private Coaching Sessions (Recorded for lifetime access)
  • Email and Messenger Support
  • Nutritional Program
  • Add Custom Exercise Program -$57

Reach Your
Full Potential

3 month program
$ 550* Monthly
  • 10 Private Coaching Sessions (Recorded for lifetime access)
  • Unlimited Email and Messenger support
  • Nutritional Program + Guidance
  • Accountability and Support
  • Our E-book
  • Bonus: Customized Exercise plan
  • $1500 total for the 3 months
Limited Space

Complete Diet Package

Premium Assessment Package
$ 359 Includes
  • Premium Assessment, Program, and 30 min Follow up
  • Custom Diet Recommendations
  • Perfect to remove the confusion of what to eat
  • Our E-book on health

Our Value-Back Guarantee

If you're not happy for any reason after your first session in our coaching programs, we'll work with you to develop a plan that you love and are 100% satisfied with