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Are you looking for an RMT in Victoria? We’ll discuss a few reasons why an RMT can be beneficial for you below

Massage therapy is very popular treatment in today’s busy world, as there’s good reason for it. An RMT is a skilled therapist that takes hundreds of hours of practice just to challenge the exam, not even counting how long they’ve been practicing for. 

Our RMT in Victoria has been practicing for years now and hones his craft with every session, developing his skills as he continues. Massage Therapy has been a growing industry and is more commonly accepted by most major insurance companies – this makes it easier to work on that back pain now 

It’s hard to find a trusted RMT or therapist in Victoria or to be able to get in when you need to see them, not 4 weeks later. Sync Therapy is a small business that provides Massage therapy, Athletic therapy, and holistic nutrition. We pride ourselves on patient care and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for an RMT in Victoria, we can offer next day appointments, a convenient schedule that works for you, and the one on one patient care where you feel valued and not just another customer. 

So, if one is in stress and need to release it, or one has got injured, during sports activities then a massage therapy in Victoria Bc can be worth exploring for them. Not only these perks, but there are also loads of benefits of massage therapy that you can consider.

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“… I feel the best I’ve felt in years…”

10/10 would recommend Sync Therapy! Daryl is awesome and creates a unique plan just for you, including nutrition advice and exercises. I feel the best I’ve felt in years, thanks so much Sync Therapy

Benefits of an RMT in Victoria, BC 

Massage can help with pain

Pain is a pretty common problem that our clients come in with, specifically lower back pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain

Your RMT in Victoria is able to help relieve the pain with different techniques and touch. They’re able to assess to and use their skilled hands to figure out which area needs more pressure and the ones that need a lighter touch.

A skilled RMT, in most cases, should be able to reduce your pain following each session – not make it worse. We do highly suggest communicating your pain levels during the massage, more pain doesn’t allows equate to better results.  

Most importantly, massage therapy can relieve pain associated with:

Massage Therapy is Relaxing

Whether its work or life, stress is unavoidable. We’d technically die without it but that doesn’t mean we have always be stressed out. 

Getting a regular massage can help combat the effects of stress, a simple massage every 4-6 weeks can do wonders for you. If you’re chronically stressed, we suggest that you look at this stress reducing technique or our complete stress free guide 

To improve the effects of a relaxing massage, we can offer our weighted blanket to help with feelings of anxiety and calmness.

Help with tension from your posture

Most of the people experience back, neck, and even muscle pain from a variety of sources. A cause of these kinds of health issues results poor posture.

There is quite limited research on poor posture causing pain, so don’t let someone tell you that they can fix your posture to improve your pain.

We’re more on the side of it depends how long you’re in those postures. Not all postures are bad, nor are they good as well.

We can an irritation from how we sit at work, on the couch, or just day to day things. 

An RMT can help alleviate this tension to allow you to move better

Typical areas that we see in our massage therapy clinic are the neck, shoulders, and lower back

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“…Sync Therapy has been my rock for the last 3 years….”

Daryl with Sync Therapy has been my rock for the last 3 years. Rather it be a 911 call or help with nutrition and home exercise he’s right there to help you get where you need to go!

Meet your RMT, health mentor and owner, Daryl Stubbs

Daryl has been able to accomplish a lot in his short career. He’s a 2x National award winner from the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association, published in the National magazine “Impact”, featured in the “personal training development centre”, and works with National level athletes.

Daryls been focusing on everything health related for 10+ years, once he took charge of his own health. Daryl’s main background is through Athletic Therapy but in 2017, he became a Massage Therapist as well. Shortly after, in 2018, Daryl became a Holistic Nutritionist. By June 2019 he was presenting his talk on “How to speed healing with nutrition” to hundreds of Athletic Therapists at the National Athletic Therapists conference in Calgary, AB.


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