Daryl is awesome! Very thorough, gets right down to the route of the problem. I’d recommend him to anyone!!

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Just had an amazing massage treatment!
Definitely going back…

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I would recommend Daryl to anyone. He is so passionate about his work and really cares for his clients.

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Daryl is great to work with when it comes to post knee replacement, for me. Offers several ideas of things to try and I find usually most or a combination work well.
Thanks for listening to my complaints and helping relieve pain.

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Professional, approachable, knowledgeable, dependable and super friendly! Daryl has been the best addition to my self-care routine I could have asked for. Originally I approached him for nutrition advice, the knowledge that he gave me was tailored to suit my needs, he never put me down when asking questions, and he provided me with the tools to make smart choices. His approach was super refreshing, even meeting me at Whole Foods to read labels/gather information and he made me excited to make positive changes in my diet. After being so thrilled with his nutritional advice, I couldn’t help book him for a massage session. He focused on my problem areas, made me feel really comfortable and equipment me with valuable stretches, information, and referrals. I will be booking him again, without hesitation. I am so happy I made the choice to invest in myself by booking with Sync Therapy! Please don’t hesitate to contact to Daryl for any of his services, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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Highly recommend Daryl and Sync Therapy! It’s been a motivating experience!

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Very friendly and people first care in addition to a strong understanding of his work and what clients need to improve and heal properly!

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I am a baseball player that plays at a pretty competitive level and had injured my shoulder a few years ago.. I then continued to play through the injury until I decided to go to Daryl at Sync Therapy. He gave me exercises to do on my own time to strengthen my shoulder, help prepare for the games and stretches to help release the pain.

I was more than satisfied with what I came out with. He cares about every customer and continues to send me videos and instructions on anything new he may learn to help me out.

I have recommended him to lots of players in my league that have started to go to him for any pains they have with their body. Everyone I know that has started to see him are satisfied… an absolute 5 star!

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Daryl is professional and personable. Always knows how to get just the right spot!

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I went to them for one thing and they noticed some unrelated swelling in my ankle. Very perceptive staff and he was very knowledgeable. Would recommend

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