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Daryl created Sync Therapy in 2015 and grown his business ever since. He’s appeared in National magazines, given talks at national conferences, and worked with professional and national level athletes

Daryl from Sync therapy sitting in his office



Athletic Therapist 7+ years

Massage Therapist 3+ years

Holistic Nutritionist 2+ years

2x National award winner

Presented at a National conference

Avid hiker

Daryl graduated from the Camosun College, obtaining his Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy Degree in 2013 and is apart of the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association and the Athletic Therapists Association of British Columbia 

In 2017, he became a Registered Massage Therapist and is a part of the College of Registered Massage Therapists

In 2018, Daryl graduated from Canada’s leading holistic nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Daryl’s unique skillset of having 3 different designations allows him to not only be covered under most insurance companies but allows him to see things from a different perspective. This often saves his clients time, money, and the stress of finding a therapist that works for them.

Daryl’s clinical experience includes injury rehabilitation, exercise prescription, stress reduction, and improving health. Daryl strives to not only rehabilitate his clients but to educate them on how their bodies work and what to do in-case another injury may happen. He believes that everybody should be their own doctor and be able to fix their injury or condition

Daryl is very familiar with an active lifestyle and competitive sports; he’s played in Nationals for baseball and even has trained with Real Madrid soccer coaches.

He has been involved with sports in the community, volunteering for BC Summer Games and numerous other events

When Daryl is not in the clinic he can be found in nature hiking or camping with his dogs, Jackson and Cooter.

Owner. Therapist. Nutritionist.

Daryl stubbs is the RMT, athletic therapist, and holsitic nutritionist from sync therapy
Daryl Stubbs


Owner for 7+ years

Creating lasting

I believe that true health is much more than the absence of disease. It is a total state of wellbeing, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social components. 

Just as we all have unique physical features and personalities, we also have unique internal and biochemical make-ups. Each of us differs in how we digest food, how our bodies detoxify, and which foods nourish or inflame our systems. This explains why some diets and lifestyle changes work wonders for some but can be harmful to others – confirming that honouring each person’s individuality is essential.

My goal is to help others achieve and maintain optimal mental wellbeing and to do so, I believe in identifying the root causes of illness, treating the underlying disturbances, and restoring balance in the body, mind and environment to conquer mental illness. 

Rather than treating the symptoms, I utilize diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, exercise, stress management practices, sleep and more to improve the functioning of the brain and gut health as a means of creating vibrant, sustainable health.

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