Anti-inflammatory diet

5 Principles of an Anti-inflammatory Diet

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Getting rid of inflammation seems to be the key factor to great health. 

There is no perfect diet for everyone but there are key principles to follow to make it perfect for you.

The first step is to eliminate the foods that trigger or exacerabate inflammation. They include sugary processed foods, typically high in omega-6 fatty acids like grain-fed beef, and foods cooked in vegetable oils (like soybean, corn, safflower, canola). Other potential foods that can be inflammatory are dairy, gluten, eggs, and soy.

The focus should be on mostly plants, whole, unprocessed, and nutrient-dense foods.

To accomplish anything long-term, having the right mindset is critical. Keeping that in mind, these 5 principles can help perfect the optimal anti-inflammatory diet for you that helps you feel better, lose weight, and have a clear mind.

The 5 principles of an anti-inflammatory diet

1 | Increase whole and anti-inflammatory foods

Those low-sugar high fibre food are a great step – berries and avocados. Eat the rainbow of veggies – red, orange, yellow, blue, purple etc. Try adding 1 new vegetable a week. Adding tons of deep leafy, cruciferous vegetables , and gut nourishing foods like bone broth go a long way. The deeper the colour of the veggie typically means the more potent it is with anti-inflammatory or antioxidant compounds. 

Tip: We love using smoothies or stir-fry. You can pack a lot more into a declines meal that way

2 | Love the healthy fats

Fat doesn’t make you fat, it’s a terrible myth. Dietary fats, especially omega-3s, monounsaturated fats , and healthy saturated fats can have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Some of our favourites include avocados, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, different wild-caught-fish. Don’t forget those beneficial nuts and seeds though.

Tip: Experiment with different infused olive oils in your local city!

3 | Increase the omega-3 foods. 

Too many omega-6 fatty acids can elevate inflammation, they include grain-fed meats, processed vegetable oils (i.e. chips). Eating more omega-3 foods leads you down a different chemical path that is anti-inflammatory. We’re bombared with high omega-6 oils and the estimates are that we have 50x more omega-6s thanomega-3s. 

Some great foods are a variety of fish, walnuts, chia, and hemp seeds. 

Tip: Try exchanging those chips with homemade ones or snacking on some nuts before you have those chips

4 | More than just food…Adjust your lifestyle

We need more than just diet to lower inflammation. Other factors include quality sleep, keeping your stress levels down, reducing your toxic exposure to a minimum, and moving/exercising. How you talk to yourself and your thoughts will be a big player in reducing inflammation levels.

Tip: Ways we love are downloading the meditation app ” Headspace”, making our own cleaning products, and walking in nature.

5 | Add more fibre

The least sexy way to reduce inflammation. One way that fibre can be so anti-inflammatory is that the gut microbiome can mistake a low fibre diet for an imbalance of ” good and bad ” bacteria which can cause it’s own problems. We’re starting to figure out that the majority of the immune system is in the gut and that the microbes in our gut control inflammation. 

Tip: Using overnight oats where you pack the fibre in there while still having a great taste when you add in some berries!



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